Have You Started Christmas Shopping?

The holidays for me last year were not that great.  I mean it was great to be with family, but I wasn’t excited about them.  It was just another day.  Money was tight because my husband was laid off and every parent likes to get their kids things for Christmas (and yes…I know that isn’t what Christmas is all about).  However, this year…I’m BEYOND excited!!

Back in October I went to Brandcation with a bunch of lovely ladies and we had a nice little contest when we got back and the winner could choose between some really great prizes.  From the second I got my ticket to Brandcation, I knew that I wanted to win that contest.  One of the prize options was a Kindle Fire HD .  I spent HOURS upon HOURS when we got back from Pigeon Forge, one day I sat at my computer for over 6 hours.  But guess what…it worked!  I won the Kindle Fire HD!  When I tell you I was shaking, I was literally shaking from head to toe.

Look what came today:

Yep…two Kindle Fire’s!!  I had enough Amazon cash that I could order a second one.  My kids are going to flip!  They have no idea we were even considering this!  I cannot wait to charge them up and get them loaded with some fun apps and  books for them!  One must have app will be Angry Birds Star Wars.  I haven’t check yet to see if it is at the Amazon App Store yet, but if it is, they will have it!

Not only am I excited to give my kids their main present, but I am also excited for my nieces and nephew and the grandparent gifts!  I love giving gifts!!

What are you getting your loved ones for the holidays?


  1. We are getting my son a power wheel car. I’m not sure about my husband yet.

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