Have Santa Call Your Child!

There is nothing more magical than to see a child’s face light up at the sheer mention of Santa.  Well unless you are my daughter…

She was so unimpressed, she went to sleep!

Sooner or later, my kids will find out the truth about Santa and the magic will die.  And it makes me sad.  It will be a true sign that my kids are growing up.  However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t use Santa to threaten my kids into behaving.  “Oh you better listen.  Remember, Santa’s watching“.  Come on, you  know you’ve said it too!  And with this Elf on the Shelf, we should have the most best behaved kids in town.  But sadly, I had to take desperate measures.  I had Santa call my daughter.  Her face was priceless.  Check it out:

She has talked non-stop about her phone call.  She just leaves out the part where Santa told her she still has a chance to make it on the nice list!  My favorite part of the entire video is at the end where she says “let’s do Zack now”.  Boy was she irritated that her brother didn’t get a call.  Zack…he was relieved!  But guess what, YOU can have Santa call your child too!  Visit the Portable North Pole and check out all the ways you can bring the magic of Santa into your home!

You can choose to create a video that is emailed to you for your child to watch or you can have Santa call your child.  The first thing you need to do (after deciding if you are going to create a video or have a phone call) is figure out if your child has been nice, sort of naughty, or naughty.  Next you answer some basic questions and add some pictures to make the video more real and personalized for your child.  Once the video is complete it will be emailed to you for the kids to watch.

After Santa called her, I also let her know that we had an email.  The thing I like about the video is that you can personalize it to fit your child.  One of the questions  you answer ask’s if there is something your child has been asked to work on.  For my daughter I checked “not to tell lies”.  We are constantly having conversations with Bella about the her not telling the true.  When Santa said “Bella, I hear you have been asked to not tell lies” her eyes got huge.  This solidified in her mind that he was real!

Besides videos and phone calls, the Portable North Pole also has a gift shop where you can purchase many different types of personalized keepsakes sure to make the holidays magical for your child!  As a avid scrapbooker, my favorite are the personalized letters you can have Santa mail your children!  Visit the Portable North Pole and make a video for your child today!  Leave me a comment letting me know their reaction!


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