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Bella is a funny kid.  She has a wide range of likes from Ninja Turtles to Gator Boys to Princesses.  And I really like that about her.  I have a feeling Bella is going to grow up and be a lot like her daddy…know a whole lot about a wide range of things!

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When we saw the new Fairy Tale High dolls at Target, she immediately told me that she wanted them.  Now Bella is not a child that typically plays with Barbie’s or dolls like that.  I think it’s because she doesn’t know “their story”.  With the Fairy Tale High dolls, Bella already knows the story of the Little Mermaid or of Snow White so when she plays with them, she can act it out.



About the Fairy Tale High Dolls

Each doll has it’s own little story about what they were like when they were teenagers…a time before they fell in love and lived happily ever after.

The dolls are:

  • Teen Little Mermaid
  • Teen Alice
  • Teen Snow White
  • Teen Rapunzel
  • Teen Cinderella
  • Teen Belle
  • Teen Sleeping Beauty
  • Teen Tinker Bell

Each doll looks like what a younger version…well except for Rapunzel.  She looks pretty much the same as she did in the Tangled movie!

What I Like

The website is great!  Hover your mouse over each doll and you can find out a little more about them.  My favorite part…each doll has their own ebook that you can read on the computer!  Bella enjoyed this part.  You could even print the ebook out so you could read it off the computer…this came in handy for when her brother needed the computer!!

Bella is a tad confused why teenage Ariel as legs and not a mermaid tail.  She actually wants me to write the company and ask them why!  I think the words “can you tweet them?” were in there somewhere!

These will make a great present this holiday season!!

Tell me…which doll is your favorite?


  1. Here’s my question: Why? People were having shit fits over Merida getting sexy-fied and now they’re slutting up the other princess’s with these? o.O I guess it’s ok to give tummy tee’s to Snow White but not ok to give Merida bigger boobs… >.>

    You people confuse me.

    • Hi Jenny…Thank you for stopping by my blog. I do want to make clear that I do not have anything to do with what these dolls wear or the size of any of their boobs! I also would not consider these dolls to be slutty in any way. Now other dolls on the market…that’s a different story!!

  2. I would not think that these dolls are slutty either, but I don’t understand the mid-drift shirts. Teen princesses are a great idea though! 🙂

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