Planning a Date Night in Downtown Detroit

What is your ideal date night? Do you got out to dinner and a movie or bowling? Is it something you do weekly or once a month? A date night is a great way for a husband and wife to reconnect with one another. We sometimes get so stuck in our routines with the kids and their activities that date nights either no longer happen or we fall into the traditional dinner and a movie. Let’s face it…a dinner out without the kids bickering or asking for a phone to play is a welcomed thing, but we need to spice it up. See new things and new places…like downtown Detroit!

Living 30 minutes outside of Detroit gives us a whole slew of amazing things we could do on a date night. After spending the afternoon on Google and checking out all the different things we could do in downtown Detroit, I’ve come up with a list of things I would like to do on our next date day. Notice I said “day”…I want an entire day…not just a night or an afternoon. There’s too much to do! Here’s what I would like to do…

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The Eastern Market

If you are a people watcher, then this is the place for you! During peak months, The Eastern Market is filled with over 150 vendors. There you will find a diversity of foods, arts, clothing and other items. I’ve been to The Eastern Market once before and really enjoyed it. The food was absolutely delicious and we went home with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables for a really good price!

Detroit Water Ice Factory

Friends of mine have been talking about this place all summer long. I’ve been dying to go! Water Ice is similar to Italian Ice, but it has a slightly different consistency and different flavors. I personally want to try Stafford’s Strawberry Lemon! Detroit Water Ice Factory was opened by the author Mitch Albom and it is partnered with Albom’s S.A.Y. Detroit family of charities, the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, Bedrock Real Estate Services, and Meridian Health. The nice thing about the Detroit Water Ice Factory, besides the water ice,  is that 100% of the profits go to help the needy people of Detroit.

Belle Isle

I haven’t been to Belle Isle since I was a kid! Belle Isle is Michigan’s 102nd state park! The park has a nature zoo, conservatory, golf practice facility, maritime museum, an aquarium, picnic areas and so much more! I would love to go, walk around and just relax while taking in the Detroit and Windsor skyline!

Taqo Detroit

For dinner, I am dying to try Taqo Detroit, an authentic Mexican restaurant. Apparently this restaurant is pretty delicious! If you’re a Tequila drinker, this is where you need to go! They offer over 200 different varieties of Tequila! Not to mention, if you are a money saver like I am, Groupon has a great deal…$18 for $30 worth of food! Can’t beat that!

Greektown Casino or Motor City Casino

To end our evening out, I would like to go to either the Greektown Casino or Motor City Casino. I’m not a huge gambler, but there is something oddly thrilling about the slot machines. I’ve never done it before, but I’d also like to try Blackjack!

So there you have it…there are a few things I would like to do on my date day in downtown Detroit. There is really so many other things that Detroit offers…I could plan SEVERAL date days and still not see it all! Before you head out, be sure to check Groupon for deals!!



  1. This is such a great guide for Detroit! I would definitely consider these places, Leah!

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