Delicious Italian Comfort Food Recipes

We are having some crazy November weather here in Michigan. Normally by this time of year it is starting to get down right cold…we even have snow sometimes. However, Mother Nature is severely confused this year. This year, we are still having 65-70 degree days! It’s insane. They leave for school with winter coats because it’s about 34 degrees and then get off the bus in t-shirts. While I am enjoying the warmer weather and the sunshine, I would like for it to eventually get cold and stay cold. I want to make my winter comfort food!

10 Yummy & Creative Italian Food Recipe Ideas

There is just something about Italian food! Not only does it always look so delicious, but it smells and tastes good to. Always! Please click through and check out all the different comfort food recipes in this round-up. I am sure you will find one (or many!!) recipes that you will be dying to try! I can’t wait to try my new stoneware baking dish!! It’s so pretty!

 1. Italian Chicken Bake

Italian Chicken Bake

 2. Homemade Italian Meatballs

Homemade Italian Meatballs

 3. Grilled Italian Panini & Pepperoni

Grilled Italian Panini & Pepperoni

 4. Italian-Style Meatloaf

Italian-Style Meatloaf

 5. Italian Stew

Italian Stew

 6. One Pan Creamy Chicken Alfredo

One Pan Creamy Chicken Alfredo

 7. Garlic & Herb Cheese Bombs

Garlic & Herb Cheese Bombs

 8. Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Chicken Parmesan Casserole

 9. Grandma’s Lasagna

Grandma's Lasagna

10. Creamy Tortellini and Sausage Soup

Creamy Tortelline And Sausage Soup

Are you drooling yet?!? So what Italian comfort food recipe are you thinking about making first? I am thinking I want to try the Chicken Parmesan Casserole first! And yes…that is, in part because it looks delicious, but also because I want to use that new stoneware baking dish I told you about!!

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I grew up in a big Italian family, so this is my kind of food. All of it – in one sitting. NOM.

  2. The garlic and cheese bombs look so good. I love Italian food – it’s one of my favorite cuisines to cook

  3. It’s getting cooler here in Southern Ontario – great weather for pasta :).

  4. Oh my those cheese bombs and the tortellini soup! Both look delicous!

  5. I favor Italian dishes, mainly because they are so popular with every in the family. These are so scrumptious, and Ican’t wait to try that creamy chicken alfredo.

  6. I want to try them all! #1 looks SO good though!

  7. Those garlic and herb cheese bombs are at the top of my list this week. I think I’m gonna make a lasagna to go with them.

  8. I love Italian foods! My husband makes awesome lasagna, but these look great!

  9. My eyes went right to that meatloaf. That is total comfort food for me!

  10. We love italian foods here! ever since I started making it from scratch – it’s been fantastic!

  11. I’m Italian so naturally these are making my mouth water at a DNA level! 🙂 They really look amazing, I need to add some of these to my meal plan!

  12. I’m all about good Italian food. That’s right up my alley, I will have to try this on those cold Chicago nights.

  13. that chicken bake look amazing!!

  14. I love the comfort food that winter brings with it! The Italian Chicken Bake looks so yummy!!

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