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I am very excited about the new toy, Malia’s Beach House by Build & Imagine! My daughter is very into science and technology. She even likes math. I love it! When I was her age, I felt like girls had to like reading and writing, which I did, and boys were the ones that liked science and math. Consequently, that often translated into the thought that girls were not good at science and math, while boys were not good at reading and writing. It wasn’t until I was in Middle School, where I remember the tide changing and more focus was put into getting girls into science and math. More importantly, girls were told they could be good at science and math. I am so glad my daughter is growing up in a world where there are more and more things catering to young girls in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM education).

*I received the following toy for the purpose of this gift guide inclusion. My opinion on the awesomeness of this toy is 100% my own!

Build and imagine

About Malia’s Beach House

Dollhouse meets building blocks meets dress-up dolls in this innovative re-imagining of the classic dollhouse! Children develop early engineering skills by designing a beach house for dolls Malia and Skyler. Decorate the 16 dual sided Story Wall building panels and the dolls with more than 40 magnetic accessories. Features a swimming pool, functional door, living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, garden, floor and roof shapes, outfits, accessories, pets and more!

This is really great! I remember having a doll house growing up and the one thing I always wanted to be able to do was change things around and redecorate, but once you wall papered a wall, it was done. While it was a beautiful doll house, it just was not all that fun. Build & Imagine know that kids like to be creative and build, so they came up with a bunch of different play sets that are perfect for boys and girls, ages 4 to 8! Those sets are:

  • Malia’s Beach HouseHop into the shoes of best friends Malia and Skyler as they make music videos, tend to the vegetable garden, and goof off in the pool. Includes Malia & Skyler dolls, 16 dual-sided building panels, and more than 40 magnetic accessories!
  • Marine Rescue Center – Guide Thea on her quest to save endangered sea animals! Includes Thea doll, 15 dual-sided illustrated building panels, and dozens of magnetic accessories including a dolphin, rescue jet, and sea otter!
  • Day at the BeachEmily and Lucas love the beach: running their own surf shop and cafe, lifeguarding, and riding the waves. Includes Emily and Lucas dolls, 10 dual-sided building panels, and more than 40 action packed magnetic accessories.
  • Fairytale TheaterBuild your own Fairytale Theater and act out classic fairtales–or make up your own. Includes 2 wooden actors, 4 dual-sided stage panels, 2 rectangular and 1 triangular curtain panels, and more than 50 magnetic accessories.
  • Pet Portrait StudioAnna and Ethan are helping the local shelter pets prepare for adoption day by providing each pet with a special portrait. Includes Ethan and Anna dolls, 4 wooden pets, 10 dual-sided building panels, and more than 40 magnetic accessories.

Each set ranges in price from $34.99 to $59.99.

Why should this be on your holiday gift giving list this year?

First and foremost, your kids will love these toys by Build & Imagine! I guarantee you they will be taking it apart and building it a bunch of different ways. Not to mention, the creativity…that is pretty great. However, to be a little more technical, this particular toy has gotten on a few lists and won a few awards…

  • Dr. Toy’s 2015 Best Classic
  • PAL Top 10 Language Learning toys
  • Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner
  • The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Besides all that, you could get your child one set, have grandma Jean get another set, grandma Jan get another and have Aunt Judy get another and your child could have an entire town built and hours of play time being creative! Beats having your child sitting in front of the t.v. for hours a day on the cold snowy days we will be getting soon enough!

mad scientist

This year for Halloween, Bella decided she wanted to be a Mad Scientist. She came up with the entire costume herself…right down to the black eye shadow we smeared on her face to make her look like an experiment exploded in her face! I thought she did a pretty good job with her costume! So having more toys for little girls and boys that are geared towards STEM education is so important. Whether they are putting together a beach house for a little creative play or concocting some kind of potion, the learning involved will help them in so many other areas of their life! I will always encourage toys that promote STEM education! Like I said, I love that my daughter is so interested in science and hope that she is that mad scientist one day!

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