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Every year, on Christmas Eve, my husband and I give the kids a new pair of pajamas to wear that night. For the last couple of years, we have decided to stay home on Christmas Eve and do stuff as a family. In past years we’ve ordered Chinese food and watched a movie. However, this year I thought it would be fun to put together a family fun night basket together for the kids with their pajamas, the Minions movie and a new board game. This years board game will be Say Anything Family. I’ll also throw in some microwavable popcorn and candy to watch the movie.

Doesn’t this sound like a good idea? The kids crave family time. Shoot…who am I kidding, so do I and what better way to spend time together as a family than to watch a movie and laugh over a board game?!?

This year, if you are looking for a movie to give your kids for the holidays or just because, you really need to pick up the Minions movie. It is currently available right now on Digital HD, but if you are like me and you prefer to have the Blu-Ray­™, if will be hitting stores on December 8, 2015! Just in time for the holidays!


About the Minions Movie

Since the dawn of time, Minions have served (and accidentally eliminated) history’s most despicable villains. After their latest explosive mistake leaves them without an evil leader, the Minions fall into a deep depression. With the tribe on the bring of collapse, three unlikely heroes–Kevin, Stuart and Bob–embark on a journey to find a new big boss. When their quest leads them to their next potential master, Scarlet Overkill (Academy Award® winner Sandra Bullock), our three heroes must face their biggest challenge yet: saving all of Minionkind…from annihilation!

Bonus Features (exclusive to Blu-Ray™ and Digital HD)

  • Three all new original mini-movies
    • Cro Minion
    • Competition
    • Binky Nelson Unpacified
  • Deleted Scene – Me, Myself and Stuart
  • Around the World Interactive Map – Explore the world of the Minions with this interactive map featuring a collection of games, trivia, featurettes, storyboards, and more all themed to movie locations.
  • Behind the Goggles – The Illumination Story of the Minions – Get a “behind the goggles” look at the history and evolution of everyone’s favorite yellow henchmen.
  • Illumination MacGuff Animation
  • Jingle Bells Minion Style
  • The Secret Life of Pets theatrical trailer

DVD Bonus Features

  • Deleted Scene – Me, Myself, and Stuart
  • Jingle Bells Minion Style
  • The Secret Life of Pets theatrical trailer

For more information about the Minions movie, you can check them out on the web at:

Official Website







Have you seen the Minions movie? What’s your favorite part?

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