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As a child, one of the things I enjoyed doing, especially on rainy days, was coloring. I remember my mom having this really cool table in our basement that had a bunch of different matchbook covers on it with a clear coating over top of it and that was our table to color at, play with Play-Doh, etc. We also had a huge shoe box filled with crayons. Ironically enough, my mom still has that shoe box of crayons and my kids now color with them! Being a child always on the go and wanting to play outside with friends, coloring on those rainy days was the next best thing. Now, as an adult, I’d give anything to get back to those rainy days of relaxation with a little art therapy!!

*I received the following for the purpose of my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. All opinions and stories are 100% my own*

I just recently learned about Art Therapy Collection. This subscription based company brings coloring back to adults! It forces us to take time out of our days to relax and do something that brings us back to our childhood…color!

art therapy collection

About Art Therapy Collection

The Art Therapy Collection is a subscription based service that promotes creativity, positivity and relaxation. One of the nice things about this subscription based program is that you can cancel at any time! So…what do you get? Each month you will receive your magazines along with coloring pencils or markers! The pencils and markers you can receive are:

  • Coloring Pencils – Artist quality coloring pencils that allow you to blend them together to create a wide range of shades.
  • Pastel Pencils – Rich colors that can easily be blended or smudged.
  • Metallic Pencils – These pencils add a shimmering effect and sparkle to your pages!
  • Watercolor Pencils – They can be used dry or transformed to give a watercolor finish to your pages!
  • Markers – They come in both brush and extra-fine tip in vibrant shades.

Subscribing is super easy! For just $4.95 (plus $1 shipping & handling), you will receive two coloring magazines, a set of colored pencils, a set of markers and a storage box. If you continue on with your subscription past the first month, each month after that you will receive four more coloring magazines and the following FREE gifts:

  • 2nd shipment – Magazine Tidy Box and an XXL Coloring Poster
  • 3rd shipment – Coloring board
  • 5th shipment – Color Wheel
  • 8th Shipment – Creative Portfolio
  • 12th shipment – Gel Pen Set

Each shipment after the first shipment is just $4.95 per issue (plus $1 shipping & handling per issue). This would make a great holiday gift! You are giving someone the gift of relaxation! To subscribe, visit this secure page.

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