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Star Wars fans all over the world are counting down to December 18, 2015. For you non-Star Wars fans, that’s when the new movie comes out! It’s also that time of year when we set out to find that perfect gift for the people in our life. I love to give gifts. I especially love when the person receiving the gift loves it. I wasn’t able to attend my nieces and nephews birthday this past weekend, but my sister in-law sent me a picture of my niece holding her new doll and told me that she loved the gift! That made my day! For me, I like to take something that I know someone likes or is interested in and pick out something related to that. For you Star Wars fans out there, this is the year to get some great Star Wars related items!

*I was sent a Darth Vader CROSS pen for the purpose of this post. All opinions are 100% my own*

When I’m picking out a gift for my husband, I want it to be something that he wants or likes, but also something useful. You know, the whole, “think about me every time you use it” kind of thing!! Kidding…well, sort of! However, at his age and place in life now, he has pretty much what he wants, when he wants it. When I received an email about how CROSS has partnered with Disney to launch a Star Wars collection of pens, I knew I found that gift that screamed “think of me always”, was unlike anything he has, and it was something both useful and something he likes!

About the CROSS Star Wars Collection



This Click Star Wars Gel Ink Pen Collection comes in the following characters:

  • Darth Vader
  • Stormtrooper
  • CP3O

These pens retail for $45.


If you are looking for a more luxurious gift, CROSS has the Star Wars limited edition collection from the Townsend line. This line is limited to 1977 units per character (see what they did there?!?) and they feature impeccable character details that are etched into the finish! These pens retail for $450-$575.

Totally designed to compliment whichever CROSS pen you choose, you can also pick up a Star Wars journal from the Jot Zone line. You have the opportunity to purchase the journal separate from the pen or with one of the Click Gel Ink pens pictured above.

Now those Star Wars pens are pretty amazing, but CROSS has teamed up this holiday season with Fonderie 47 to stop gun violence in Africa. They created the Peerless Fonderie 47 Limited-Edition Fountain Pen. There is a disk of blackened steel that is from a melted down AK47 embedded in the cap and it is marked with the Fonderie 47 logo. The unique serial number of the gun taken out of circulation in Africa is on the center band that encircles the 18 KT gold filled barrel. Each pen is engraved with a CROSS limited edition number to represent each pen’s unique number in the series of 47 pens.



The story of the CROSS brand begins in 1846 when artisan Richard Cross, in partnership with his son Alonzo Townsend Cross revolutionized fine writing instruments. Their early mark of entrepreneurial excellence included tools refined through more than 100 patents and accented by the spoils of the California gold rush. Still positioned to set the bar for what it means to symbolize achievement, human potential and usable luxury, CROSS seeks to provide those possessing extraordinary vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit with the tools needed to make their mark.

Visit to see the entire line of pens to choose from!

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