Family Time – Importance of Slowing down

It feels like we are always on the go. Constantly going from one activity to the next. Whether it’s the kids sports practices, games, or a family event, we rarely have a moment of downtime. While I love that my kids play sports and I enjoy watching them play (well…except for when it’s freezing or raining…I don’t really like those days), I do sometimes wonder what life would be like if they didn’t play sports and we had more time to do other things. However, those are just little passing thoughts, the reality is, our kids are very involved in travel sports and that’s OK! With that said, when we have those days (or weekends…weekends are glorious) when we have nothing scheduled, but family time, I get very excited!

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Why Family Time is Important

In this day and age, where everyone is always on the run, it is so important to remember to take whatever time we have to slow down and enjoy family time. What you do with that time is solely up to you. In our house, when we have a free moment, we like to do the following:

  • Play board games and card games

Fundex Phase 10 Card GameFundex Phase 10 Card GameKing of Tokyo: New Edition Board GameKing of Tokyo: New Edition Board GameDeer in the HeadlightsDeer in the Headlights

  • Watch movies
  • Watch HGTV (my daughter is literally obsessed with this channel…she’s 11!)
  • Play outside

This Weekend’s Family Time

This weekend was one of those rare weekends when we didn’t have much of anything going on. It was truly lovely! Sunday afternoon, we all piled up on the couches and watched Woody Woodpecker. Remember that show?!? I watched the cartoon all the time when I was a kid! The fun thing about this new Woody Woodpeckerfamily time movie is that it seamlessly blends live action and CGI animation.

Family time
About Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker is back with his signature laugh, wacky antics and wisecracks in his first ever live-action/animated film. Woody must protect his forest home from Lance Walters (Omundson), who starts building his dream mansion in the forest with his son Tommy (Verchere), and fiancée, Vanessa (Ayala). To make matters worse, Woody must avoid the clutches of two grizzly poachers. With a series of crazy hijinks to sabotage their plans, Woody proves he’ll stop at nothing to defend his turf. Get ready for laughs in this hilarious comedy about everyone’s favorite woodpecker!

My kids, especially my daughter, really enjoyed this movie. She found it rather funny that I used to watch Woody Woodpecker when I was a kid. Interestingly enough, the legendary icon was created in 1940 and appeared in theaters until it debuted on television in 1957!

You can pick (or preorderfamily time now) your copy of Woody Woodpecker on February 6, 2018! However, if you’re feeling pretty lucky, you can enter to win a copy of the movie right here! The giveaway will run from today through February 9, 2018. Please allow the giveaway tool to load below. In the event that it does not load, click on the Rafflecopter link and it will take you to the giveaway widget!

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  1. Allison Cooper says:

    I agree with this 100%. Slowing down is so important and I know that we often forget to just enjoy being together sometimes in our home without the need to be out doing something!

  2. That Phase 10 games looks like fun! Our favorite thing is to watch movies, play games or enjoy the outdoors. Any time with family is a good one. Thank you for the other ideas. 🙂

  3. I agree it is important to slow down and take time to be with your family. We have family night every Friday unless someone is traveling for work.

  4. We make sure to have regular family movie or game nights. It helps us reconnect and it’s fun

  5. Oh my goodness! I totally forgot about Woody Woodpecker until now… his laugh! I wonder if my little ones would like it.

  6. My kids are not really into sports. I might have one playing hockey soon, but we’ll try him in a summer rollerblading league first before we spend money on all the gear that goes with hockey…just in case he decides he doesn’t like it.

  7. Our family is grown, but we still love games and watching great movies. Woody Woodpecker was a cartoon in my day. I can still do the Woody bird call!!

  8. Family time is so important. I love spending time with my loved ones and just relaxing together. We love to play board games together.

  9. It is so important to take time as a family. Especially while they all live under the same roof! Kids grow too fast. I remember watching Woody Woodpecker as a child myself!

  10. I’ve really got to get this movie for a family movie night! I’ve heard great things about it. My kids have no clue who Woody Woodpecker is!

  11. I totally didn’t know that this Woody Woodpecker movie existed until today. My 5 year old is going to be so excited!

  12. I had no idea there was a new Woody Woodpecker movie! I’ll have to check this out. I remember woody from when I was a kid, and this looks like fun. I’m sure my kids would enjoy this movie.

  13. I have so many great memories with Woody Woodpecker! And I too am happy when there is next to nothing going on – it’s like you can finally catch your breath.

  14. I bet this movie is great too! I need to see it. I love Woody Woodpecker! I can’t wait to watch it now.

  15. This is a must-see movie. can’t wait to go watch it.

  16. I agree about family time for sure! I am all about getting in so much time each day and weekends are double lol!

  17. That movie looks so cute! Family time is so important.

  18. I love taking a minute to just relish in the time I have with my family and games are typically the best way to do just that!! My husband and I love to have people over for dinner and then play all the games! 🙂

  19. I don’t think my kiddos know who Woody Woodpecker is! This film sounds like a great way to introduce them to a character from my childhood.

  20. We just watched that Woody Woodpecker movie ourselves for a family movie night last weekend. My son really enjoyed it. They really don’t show the cartoons anymore so he didn’t know anything about the character until started watching the DVD.

  21. Family time is so important! We used to always have game night when I was growing up and those are some of my favorite memories today!!

  22. shelly peterson says:

    We like to do family game night and movie night.

  23. Woody Woodpecker was one of my favourite shows when I was a kid. I had no idea they brought him back. I’ll be looking for this!

  24. I think kids need to do various activities like sports. But sometimes is useful and beautiful to have family time. It’s nice to go out whole family and to do something together.

  25. Family time is very important to us. We either watch a movie or eat out. Anyway, I loved Woody Woodpecker when I was a kid. I think our son will enjoy this movie.

  26. Jessica To says:

    My son and I like to read together or watch a funny movie with some good snacks.

  27. We enjoy hiking outdoors. If the weather isn’t nice we watch a movie together.

  28. We love going for walks!

  29. We love to play board games during family time.

  30. Emily Smith says:

    There is a large field right next to our house, we love to go out and play sports like soccer, football, or baseball. We also love taking our dogs out to play in the field.

  31. Mary Cloud says:

    We like to rent a movie and pop a pizza in the oven when we have family time.

  32. Hollie Jahnke says:

    We like to go hang out at the beach or take a walk out on the pier.

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