Wordless Wednesday – Mother of ALL popsicles

Run Daddy Run!

Picture this, you look out your family room door wall window and you see a hornet’s nest in the upper corner. What would be the logical thing to do? Most would probably say, “wait until dusk when all of the hornets are back in their nest and spray the nest and knock it down”. But, OH NO…not my husband. What does he do?

First he is at the door wall window hitting the window with the back of his flip flop and laughing like a kid as all the bees got royally pissed off and flew around crazy. Next he goes into the garage and gets the spray and proceeds to walk out our kitchen door wall. By this time I am telling him that he should wait. The words “you’re allergic to bees, remember” did come out of my mouth. Did that stop him? Nope.

So I do what any normal person would do and got my son to stand in front of the door and watch what an idiot his father is. I have never seen my son laugh so hard when he saw his father took off running like a mad man across our backyard. He didn’t quite know why he was laughing but nonetheless, it was funny to see a terrified look on daddies face as he ran crazy around the yard. Little did he know, daddy was running crazy because several of the bees flew at him!

Moral of the story? Listen to your wife. She’s always right. And yet again, today proved it!

Are you a calm mom or a hyper mom?

I’d like to think of myself as calm and patient with my kids. Sometimes I lose my cool, but all in all, I think I handle things with them on a more calmer approach. I learned early on with my son, and other people told me this whenever I would complain, lose my cool, etc that you have to stay calm because some kids do things for your reaction. My son is one of those kids. I suspect my daughter is too!

However, when it comes to art projects, helping in the kitchen…I am the hyper mom. I am just not good at taking things in stride. My mil, she loves to have my kids help her cook. My son, accidentally, dumped a cup of flour on her shirt (she bumped his arm, which made the cup tip…) and she just laughed and said something like “oh thats alright, Sitta will take care of that later”. Me. I would have freaked. I would have had to stop what we were doing, set my son or daughter on the floor and told them to stay there for the remainder of the mixing.

I wish I could be less hyper when it comes to cooking, art, etc…

So what about you? Are you a calm and patient mom who takes things in stride or are you kind of hyper about those things? Or are you a combination of both like I am?

TV Shows from your Childhood

The other day, while I listened to something my kids were watching on TV, I couldn’t help but think about all the awesome TV shows I had growing up that I absolutely loved and how I wish they were on TV now for my kids to watch. Every once and awhile they are able to catch a show when they are at my moms house that I remember watching growing up. Bella came home once telling me that she knew how to make her own pickles because she saw it on an “old fashion” TV show. The show she watched was the Andy Griffith Show! The shows I miss are:

*Punky Brewster
*Small Wonder
*That show with Belki lol I can’t remember what it was
*Step by Step
*Out of this World
*Silver Spoons
*Beverly Hills 90210

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My kids love watching TV shows that I grew up with. Especially Full Housetv shows and Boy Meets Worldtv shows. Those two hit TV shows are constantly on in my house. In fact, they are watching Boy Meets World right now!

tv shows

We have some great shows on TV right now, but nothing compares to what we had during the 80’s and 90’s! All of the TGIF shows (remember that?!?) had good, wholesome family values and they taught a lesson in each show. Bella pointed that out in both Full House and Boy Meets World right away. While they may be cheesy, they are still things that stick with you. For instance, I never once took Caffeine pills in high school or college no matter how tired I got or how much work I had because I remember the episode of Saved By the Bell with Jesse and what happened to her.

Best New TV Shows

  • Girl Meets World
  • The Blacklist
  • Shades of Blue
  • America’s Got Talent (not new, but a great family show)
  • American Idol (also not new, but another great family show)

What are your thoughts? What TV shows from your childhood do you miss and what shows are you watching now that you love?

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but…

I was at Walmart this evening and as I was walking into the store I noticed out of the corner of my that their sprinklers were on. But not only that…some poor customer had to park their convertible, with the top down, in front of the area that was being watered. Oh but thats not all. Not only was the top down, but the sprinkler head in front of the car was broke so instead of watering the grass, it sprayed DIRECTLY into this persons car. Directly into it. We’re talking an entire stream of water going into the car with no roof and only in that car.

My first reaction was shock. I mean how could you not be shocked. Then I thought “why the hell would you leave your top down?” <--I know people do this, but I never understood it. And finally I figured I should probably let someone know in the store so they could make an announcement. Now here is where I started laughing. The teenager that I told at customer service proceeded to announce the following over the loud speaker:

“Would the owner of a black convertible with the top down, please head out to your car. It is being watered at the moment”