I know I shouldn’t laugh, but…

I was at Walmart this evening and as I was walking into the store I noticed out of the corner of my that their sprinklers were on. But not only that…some poor customer had to park their convertible, with the top down, in front of the area that was being watered. Oh but thats not all. Not only was the top down, but the sprinkler head in front of the car was broke so instead of watering the grass, it sprayed DIRECTLY into this persons car. Directly into it. We’re talking an entire stream of water going into the car with no roof and only in that car.

My first reaction was shock. I mean how could you not be shocked. Then I thought “why the hell would you leave your top down?” <--I know people do this, but I never understood it. And finally I figured I should probably let someone know in the store so they could make an announcement. Now here is where I started laughing. The teenager that I told at customer service proceeded to announce the following over the loud speaker:

“Would the owner of a black convertible with the top down, please head out to your car. It is being watered at the moment”



  1. mannequin says:

    kee hee hee.Sometimes it’s just impossible NOT to laugh at others..but then I feel bad.

  2. my2boyz says:


  3. That is too funny! I wish you were able to go back out and see who the person was the came running out of the store to their precious car. That is hilarious!

  4. I just wish I had a camera! Normally I take my phone in (which has a camera) but I left it on the charger in the car.

    I wonder if the store is held accountable…

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