Such a nice grandma!

On our way home from Chicago yesterday, we stopped at Denny’s for dinner. Both kids were hyper as can be, super happy to be out of the car, talking in LOUD voices, etc. There was an older couple in the booth behind us and I was getting so paranoid that our kids were driving them crazy. Dan and I really tried to keep a handle on it all, but they were still pretty loud.

When the couple got up to leave, the lady came to our table. All I kept thinking was, “please don’t say you were irritated…I’m not in the mood”. But she said the complete opposite. She started out by telling us that we are doing an excellent job with two kids that are very obviously stir crazy from being in the car and that she remembers those days with her kids. She then talked to the kids and told them how cute they were, etc.

It was so nice and totally made my night!

So thank you nice Indiana Grandma!!!


  1. my2boyz says:

    Aw love when that happens. While hubby and our youngest were at the hardware store today an eldery lady bought the little guy some Mike & Ikes because he was so cute and well behaved.

  2. Aww that is so sweet!!

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