Diabetes and My Weight Loss Journey Update!

Well it’s been four month since I found out the news that I was diabetic and had to go on a special diet to manage the diabetes.  In that time I also had to start the medication, Metformin because my sugar was all over the place and I am very sensitive to the fluctuations in my sugar.  Now the Metformin…it’s been a trip to get used to.  I won’t go into any of the gory details, but lets just say…the first few months on it I needed to be within a close proximity of a restroom after every meal.  Things have gotten better in that department…thank goodness!

But the best update of all…I’ve currently lost 34.8lbs!  I feel different…I look a little different…it’s awesome!  My goal is to lose 50lbs by the end of the summer.  I think that’s a pretty reasonable goal!  I really wish I had taken my measurements at the very beginning of this so I can see how many inches I’ve lost.  I know it’s a lot.  Now when I look in the mirror after getting out of the shower, I’m not horribly horrified at what is looking back at me.  Sure it’s not Jenifer Anistan’s body looking back at me, but it sure as heck is better than what it was 4 months ago.  And for me to be able to be happy with how I’m looking is a huge accomplishment for me.

You know…I have said over and over that 2011 has really sucked for me.  It started out bad and just kept getting worse.  But…the way I see it now…sure it started out not so great.  Sure being told that I am diabetic really sucked, especially when we are somewhere and I have to make the choice between my wants and my needs (with my needs winning out more and more)…but despite all that, being told that I am diabetic and that I NEED to make lifestyle changes has probably been the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  Gone are the days where I feel like a fat blob just waddling through my day.  Gone are the days where I eat to the point of making myself almost puke just because the frosting is so good.  I had to take this diagnosis seriously.  With my pancreas over producing insulin, there is a real good chance that one day it just stops producing it all together.  And then what?  Then I’m really screwed.  I couldn’t take that chance.  That wouldn’t be fair to my husband or my children, but most of all, that wouldn’t be fair to me.

So rather than looking at how horrible 2011 has been, I am choosing to look at how great it has been for ME.  Because in 2011 I have seen that I can overcome something that has affected my life and I’m no longer that fat girl with a pretty face…you know the one where people say “man she has a pretty face…it’s too bad she’s so fat”…yea that’s been said to me before…many times.  Sure I have more weight to lose on my journey, but for once in my life…I know I will get there and I will be healthy in the end!



  1. Momstart says:

    WOW you're doing great on your weight loss!

  2. Wow, 34 lbs in 4 months is impressive, congrats on making the changes you needed to make.


  3. Weight Loss Mother says:

    Congratulations on your current weight loss! That is terrific!! Don't be surprised if once you reach your goals you won't have to take the diabetic medicine anymore. I have helped 2 moms so far that once they reached their goal, went to the doc and he took them off the meds. I'm now a new follower!!

  4. Congratulations! I love your outlook!

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