Summer Outdoor Games for the Family

Summer is finally starting in our house! The kids will be out of school this Thursday and one thing I want to do this summer is have a lot more family time! Family time is one of the most important things to me. Both my husband and I love to play games. Before we had kids, we used to have game nights with our friends. It was always a blast. I think it would totally be a fun idea to have BBQ’s with our friends and their kids and play a bunch of summer outdoor games together!

summer outdoor games

The Best Summer Outdoor Games!

Do you remember Yahtzee? I remember playing it all the time as a kid. I also enjoy playing the Yahtzee app while I sit and wait for my son after school! So obviously, I would totally enjoy Yard Yahtzee and I think my kids would too!! The dry erase feature with this set is genius and insures that you can play all summer long and for many summers to come!

summer outdoor games

Another game I used to play all the time, and one my kids really like, as well, is Jenga! Remember that game? How fun would it be to play with a giant Jenga set at your next BBQ? The nice thing about the backyard Jenga game I found is that each and every piece stores inside the crate that you set the game on!

summer outdoor games

I don’t know if it is just a Midwest thing or not, but corn hole is a fun BBQ game! For those of you that do not know what corn hole is, it is a ridiculously fun and competitive (could just be the people I’m with!) bean bag toss game. As the name may suggest, you want to get your bean bag in the hole. You can buy plain boards, but it definitely is more fun to have custom corn hole boards! My favorite are the old school Nintendo controllers!

summer outdoor games

Similar to corn hole, washer toss is another fun game to play with friends. It’s also a lot more challenging, but a lot easier to transport than the corn hole game! Basically…the first person to 21 points wins!

summer outdoor games

Which fun summer outdoor games do you like best? If it’s not listed here, please share with me! We would love to try it out!


  1. We are HUGE fans of cornhole and Jenga, this is a great list, looks I need to add a couple more for the kids!!

  2. I just heard about the washer game recently where someone made it in an old suitcase for even easier travel. I am going to have to make one of these! Oh, and hi Leah! Don’t know if you remember me from the old Camtu crowd. Just saw this post on Pinterest and hope you are doing great. =)

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