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Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? My kids, like most kids, are already starting to talk about what they want for Christmas. I know they are getting older, so obviously their wants are getting bigger (and more expensive), but this year we have decided to rein them in a bit and sort of guide their “wants” with this Dear Santa free printable. This way they are writing down things they want, but also thinking about things they need to. After adopting a 16 year old girl for Christmas and seeing things like a winter jacket, boots and clothing items on her Christmas list, it really got me thinking about my own kids Christmas lists. I don’t want to take away the magic and fun of Christmas, but I think with this Dear Santa free printable, kids can ask for the things they really want and also think about things they need too.

Free Dear Santa Printable

dear santa

What I like most about this free printable is it gets kids to really think about what they are asking. With my middle school son, he’s always asking for shoes or name brand clothes that are outside of the budget we set for things like that. Sometimes, when he’s asking for a particular pair of shoes of maybe a sweatshirt that is outside of that budget we set, we tell him “make sure you put it on your list for Christmas“. It’s not that we don’t want to get him (or our daughter) the shoes they would like, but by redirecting them to consider asking for it for Christmas, it allows us to really see if they truly want it or do they want it because it’s the cool thing at that moment. More times than not, they don’t really want those shoes…they just think they do because some kids at school have them and they are “cool”!

And please, don’t think that by giving this Dear Santa free printable to your kids that you are only getting them five presents! You’re mom and dad, get them as many presents as you would like. This just helps narrow down their thinking and really allows them to think through what they are asking! For instance, for the past couple years, my daughter has asked for some old school TV series on DVD. One year we got her the Full Housedear santa complete series (which, if you are thinking about it, this is amazing price for it right now). Another year we got her the complete series for Boy Meets Worlddear santa (again, this is another amazing price). So, continuing with tradition of introducing her to the amazing TV we had in the 80’s and 90’s, I’m thinking about getting her the complete series for Saved By the Bell or maybe even Family Tiesdear santa!

Please feel free to print the free Dear Santa printable! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Print the Dear Santa FREE Printable HERE!


  1. This is so cute!!! I love it!~ Pinning now!

  2. I love this idea for a letter to Santa!!! What a great way to get gift ideas for grandparents as well.

  3. Rhonda Brown says:

    This would be great to hand out to the Grandparents too once the kids fill them out!

  4. Oh this is SO adorable! I absolutely love it. Going to print it off for my three babies! Thank you 🙂

  5. What a great printable, I love this! Thanks so much 🙂

  6. I love this! Kids ask for so much STUFF at Christmas. I love this simple wish list that helps them focus!

  7. This is a seriously good idea! It’s so easy to get carried away with the gift part of Christmas and forget the reason for the season and the giving side of it! Kids really do need to think about what they want/need and why and learn discernment. Great printable!

  8. I do believe it! I start to get excited this time of y ear and it drives my family nuts. 🙂 I do love prinatables and if they’re Christmas-y, even better!

  9. What great idea! I did not grow up with this holiday, but I know a lot of kids make these lists. Thankfully my son does not because I cannot afford all that he would want!

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