Hatchimals – Hot Toy of the Season!

We have had a whirlwind start to our fall season. Between two family weddings, both kids sports and my daughters 10th birthday, I’ve barely had time to sit down and relax. Halloween is right around the corner, then comes Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be coming up quick. Normally for my daughter’s birthday or anytime I need to get her a gift, I know what to get her. She has very specific interests. However, for this birthday, I don’t know if it was just how busy we’ve been, I really struggled with what to get her. Until I saw a commercial for Hatchimals. As soon as I saw that, I not only knew that it was exactly what Bella would like, but also that it was going to be the hot toy of the seasonhatchimals (and one that will probably sell out quick).


About Hatchimals

Hatchimals live inside an egg. It’s a surprise as to which one you get! As you interact with your egg and take care of it, your Hatchimals prepares itself to hatch! It will interact back with you. Tap on the egg, it taps back. As you are interacting with the egg, you will notice the Hatchimals eyes glowing different colors through the egg.


Each color means something different. For instance, when you see red that means the egg is upset and you need to rub the bottom of the egg. When the eyes are flashing orange, it means your pet has the hiccups so all you need to do is tap the egg! We had about eight adults and six kids (ages two on up to 12) surrounding this egg, waiting for it to hatch. When it began hatching, the entire room exploded with excitement!

After the Hatchimals hatch, it doesn’t end there! As you play and interact with your pet, he or she will go through various stages and interact right back. Teach it to talk, sing, dance and so much more! Can you see now why I’m calling this the hot toy of the season! It will sell out!

If you are looking for something unique that children of all ages will love, then I suggest picking up one right now. I’ve seen them at the store for $59.99, but if you hurry, you can get them on Amazon for $54.88! Get it before your kids ask for it and then you won’t be left scrambling and driving from store to store as we get closer to the holidays! Been there done that before…it’s not fun!

What was your favorite toy as a child?


  1. My daughter is already begging for at least one of these for Christmas!

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