Easter Menu Recipe Roundup

One thing I love to do is host the holidays at my house. I enjoy putting together a menu and making yummy food for my family. I especially love putting together an Easter menu. Mainly because I make my delicious ham recipe (that I got from my mother in-law) and I know that my kids will always eat it. Especially Bella. She loves this ham! This year we will be celebrating Easter and my grandma-in-law’s birthday, so no hosting for me.

Sidenote…this deviled egg platter would look really nice on your table. Especially with this colorful deviled eggs recipe!

Zak Designs 12-inch White Melamine Egg TrayZak Designs 12-inch White Melamine Egg Tray

Since I am not planning a dinner, I would love to help you plan yours! Below you will find the best recipes for your Easter menu! Happy Easter to you and your family! If you are still looking for Easter basket filler ideas, be sure to check out my posts here, here and here! Also, since I am following the Keto diet, I will try to add in some Keto friendly recipes, as well!

Easter Menu Recipe Round-up

easter menu

Get ready to start drooling! These recipes look so amazing! First up, side dishes. It’s been my experience that people typically have a roast of some sort, ham or fish for Easter. I know we will be having ham and probably homemade Arabic food (I don’t know that for sure, but I am assuming my mother in-law will be making it…so good).

Side Dishes

Keto Side Dishes

In my opinion, desserts are where it’s at. Sure people may mention a random side dish you had or the main course, but the thing they will be talking about for years to come is the dessert. I still remember the first time I tried this white chocolate Chex mix dessert at a holiday get together. I think I ate an entire bowl. Not even joking. It then became something I wanted to have all the time. The desserts below are like that white chocolate Chex mix. People will love them!


Keto Desserts

What do you think? What will you be serving or taking to your Easter get together?


  1. Our menu is pretty boring. The typical spiral ham, some potato salad and green beans. Same thing every year…

  2. Awesome recipes! I’ve got some great inspiration for Easter, now. Om nom nom.

  3. I am a bit behind in planning for Easter. I would like to plan out a nice dinner but I need to get moving! I will definitely use some of these ideas.

  4. Kim Croisant says:

    I think we will be going to a brunch for Easter. There’s just the 3 of us so it’s easier to go out for a great brunch.

  5. I love all these ideas so much! I need those Easter egg Rice Krispies Treats in my life! Right. NOW!

  6. My husband and I don’t celebrate Easter but there’s always an opportunity in our family to celebrate with a special meal. I love the sound of the cornmeal souffle – actually, I love cornmeal in just about any dish! LOL

  7. I am all about great side dishes! The main course is always fairly easy for me so that’s done but thank you for the great side-dish ideas! Everyone wants something different and has their personal favorites and I like to provide many options!

  8. Dessert is my favorite too! I think I may try ALL of your suggestions lol, I couldn’t pick just one or two. And the cornbread soufflé.. oh my! I’m usually in charge of the desserts for my family so I’ll be trying out these recipes.

  9. Shelley King says:

    I really love the egg tray. I am ordering one of those for sure! My favorites of the list are the asparagus and the Easter egg rice krispies. I will be adding these to our meal and i think everyone will be pleasantly surprised. We are kind of boring!

  10. One of the things I enjoyed doing as a kid was decorating Easter eggs. Although we celebrate Easter for its true celebration to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I still partake in decorating the house a bit. That corn bread soufflé looks so nice and fluffy.

  11. So many delicious ideas for Easter! This year, it’s just me, my son, and my mom, so we’ll probably just make a small dinner for us. We used to go out but I have a dog that can’t be left alone, so now we can’t all leave the house at the same time, lol. I bought all the ingredients for Rice Krispy Treats, so I will try making them in egg shapes. That would be cute for my son’s basket.

  12. Catalina says:

    I was just thinking what to wake for Easter dinner. I changed my dishes list several times. I cannot decide. Maybe your roundup will help me. 🙂

  13. I need to share this post with some friends – who have been going crazy lately over the Keto diet!! They love to cook and they love anything Keto (obviously) so these would be up their alley.

  14. This is such a helpful post especially for the coming Easter. We celebrate it ‘seriously’ as a family so this really helps. Thanks for sharing these! I really wanna try some of the recipes above.

  15. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I did a ham for many years. I like to do an orange juice, marmalade, brown sugar crust. Then a year or 2 ago I started changing it up to a prime rib roast. I have been very sick this week though with the flu and I still have nothing done for Sunday so I think we may just go out.

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