The Tuneables, Where Music Begins DVD

My son is ADHD and recently had a bad reaction to the medicine he was on.  So because of that, we have decided to treat his ADHD with diet and nutrition.  One of the (many) book s I am reading right now about ADHD talks heavily about the amazing things music does for children with ADHD (and other disorders).  Zachary has always been into music…liked listening to it, trying to play it, and he told us that he really wants to learn to play the acoustic guitar.  I’m stoked!  Learning to play an instrument is something I always wish I did.  We’re figuring that when he turns 8, we’ll get him a guitar and lessons!

While I’m not ready to go out and get my children music lessons, I do want to introduce them to music concepts.  What better way to learn the ABC’s of music than through The Tuneables 30 minute DVD/CD series?  The Tuneables focuses on four main parts of music:

        1. Tonal and rhythm patterns in music
        2. The Singing Voice
        3. A base repertoire of music
        4. Listening skills
The Tuneables promises a fun and interactive way to learn music and the deliver!  My daughter watched this today when she got home from school and she couldn’t take her eyes from the television.  Normally when she has a movie or show on T.V. she will be playing and looking up at the television every so often.  Not today!  She sat completely still for the entire show.  I cannot wait to show this to Zachary.  I know, without a doubt in my mind, that he will enjoy it.

I’ve looked up and researched the importance of music and the benefits it has on learning, but here’s a quote from The Tuneable’s website:

“Music learning is so beneficial to a young child’s development both musically and intellectually, one should consider it a must have learning experience for your child.” Dr. Robert Johnson, PhD

Now, after reading that, doesn’t it make you wonder why states are so quick to stop funding to music programs in the schools?  I know there are parents out there that could care less, but it upsets me greatly.  I know how much kids benefit from music in school…why cut something that has been proven to help with learning…especially math?

If you or your kids are or have taken music lessons, what age did you start and what instrument do/did you play?  My son wants to play the guitar and my daughter wants to play the drums.  I just don’t know the appropriate age for lessons.  I said 8 for my son, but mainly because he’s so small.  Let me know what you think!

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of The Tuneables as part of a review through Team Mom.  All opinions are mine.

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