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I think from the second my son could say the word “Pokemon” he liked them.  I can remember when he was a lot younger, my mom would ask him something about his Pokemon cards, but not say the name correctly and it would send Zachary into a major tizzy and he couldn’t help himself, but to correct her.  I think she still says it wrong.  Shoot, I think I say it wrong, come to think of it.

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The holiday season is in full force (can you believe it?!?) and Christmas will be hear before you know it.  We all want to find that perfect toy, but sometimes we don’t know where to look.  Well I found it for you!!  For all those Pokemon lovers out there, you have to take a look at the Pokemon Battle Arena!!



About Pokemon Battle Arena

The ultimate platform for catching, training and battling your Pokemon.  This action-packed playset features two modes of play:  1-player training mode versus the computer and 1-on-1 battle mode against a fellow Pokemon trainer.  Select your Pokemon figure, pick their appropriate type, and watch as the energy battle attacks illuminate the full color LED display and the dynamic sounds bring the epic battle to life.  Your knowledge of the Pokemon combined with your attacks and defenses will determine who wins the battle.

This Pokemon Battle Arena is recommended for ages 4 & up.  It has a suggested retail price of $49.99…but totally shop around!  With all the extended Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals out there, I’m sure you could find this cheaper somewhere!!

Are your children interested in Pokemon?


Ask and you shall receive!!  TOMY (toy brand where Pokemon is sold) is having a cyber sale this week and the Pokemon Battle Arena is only $24.99 (ends Friday)!!!  How awesome is that?

Check out their site:  http://tomy.com/cyber-week  for this awesome deal and so many others!!!



  1. My oldest son (10) LOVES playing the video games and card games. Both kids used to be into the cartoon too. They’d probably love this one!

  2. This is awesome! Thank you for suggesting the TOmy website. I was able to get it for $24.99 plu sI used the coupon code FRIEND and got an additional 20% off. With shipping, my total was $26.95 – amazing deal. My sons will be sooo excited!

  3. Hi my boys love pokemon and the battle arena is at the to of their christmas list however, I’m not that clued up and can’t seem to find which figures you can use on the arena. Any help or advice will be great fully appreciated x

    Thank you

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