Creative Costumes for Halloween

Before having kids, Halloween was just another day. I didn’t really care too much about it. Dressing up was not something I really did. Well, minus that one year I dressed up in my husbands old high school football uniform for a party we went to. That was kind of fun. However, since having kids, we start thinking about Halloween costumes for the next Halloween on November 1st. My daughter is forever trying to come up with creative costumes for Halloween. I have to say, I think this years takes the cake! I’m pretty impressed with this years costume!

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creative costumes

Image via Pexels

Creative Costumes

Bella and I were walking down the Halloween aisle at Target when all of a sudden she squealed. They had a Taco costume. This child LOVES tacos. She would eat at Taco Bell for all of her meals if I let her. Not even joking. So of course, she had to get the Taco costume.

creative costumes

Being Bella, she has to take the costume a bit further. She doesn’t want to be just a taco. Instead she wants to add some cat ears, a little makeup on her face, black gloves and goes as a Taco Cat. Her two favorite things…cats and tacos! Have you seen that shirt that says, “Tacocat spelled backwards is still Tacocat”? Yea…it’s a favorite of hers!

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Are you looking for something else? Here are some other creative costumes for Halloween. I am sure you will find one you love! This next one is something that you could totally make! It’s super creative and could definitely win a costume contest! Don’t have time to make it, don’t fret! Amazon has a Rubiks Cube costume you can purchase!

creative costumes

Image via 730 Sage Street

Some families love dressing up together. I love when pictures of Neil Patrick Harris come out after Halloween. He and his family really get into Halloween. This 101 Dalmatians costume is perfect for the whole family! The beauty of it…it doesn’t matter how many people are in your family because there is a role for everyone!

creative costumes

Image via Really Are You Serious

Finally, if scary costumes are more your forte, then this La Llorona the weeping woman costume will be perfect for you! With a few supplies from Amazon, you can put this costume together pretty easily!

creative costumes

Image via Mom Luck

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  1. Adorable!!! I would love the Rubik’s Cube one…I could finally fake that I actually solved the sucker! 🙂

  2. Oh the taco is cute and the rubics cube looks pretty easy to make. I made a dozen of those for centerpieces before…ever thought of doing it bigger for a costume!

  3. I friggin LOVE THAT TACOOOOO!! I think I need to dress up as a salmon skin handroll, LOL!

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