Some things are meant to be trashed

I’ll fully admit, I love freecyle. I think the concept of giving something useful that you don’t need any longer to someone that can use it is a very good idea. I’ve not only given tons and tons of things away, but I’ve also gotten some really great things as well. But for Pete’s sake people…some things are just meant to end up in the landfill.

What would possess a person to give away USED lingerie? I mean come on. Used lingerie? That totally skeeves me out. When you have to type the words “with matching pantie”…that should tell you right there that if it doesn’t fit, throw it away. Gross.

Though I have to say, this is not as gross as the person who was giving away disposable underwear. You know, that stretchy mesh stuff they give you in the hospital after you have a baby. WTH is wrong with someone to think that another person would want used undies that are meant to be THROWN away that had disgusting blood and whatever else, on them?

I’m all for recycling and helping others but if the item touches your va-jay-jay, throw it away.


Best Weekend…EVER!

So if you’ve been paying attention to my blog like you should be, you would know that this past weekend I spent my weekend, child free, in Columbus for the Ohio State/Michigan game. You would also know that I really could care less about football or who won, which I do know that Ohio State beat the crap out of Michigan…I guess Michigan really does suck like everyone kept yelling on the streets of Columbus. Still don’t care one way or another.

We spent the entire day from sun up to sun down at this amazing bar in Columbus (by the dorms I think…go to here and ask Cena for directions if you live in the area or just check out their website here!):
The food is amazing (must try the chicken fingers…best chicken fingers on the planet), the atmosphere is great, and the owners are pretty hot! Be sure to ask for Nick if you go. Also tell him he needs to make the chicken sandwich he and I discussed. He’ll know what you mean!

So anyway, back to the best weekend ever. I was pretty much drunk by noon. Hey it’s 5:00 somewhere, right?! Here is a picture of the girls from the weekend:Pictured, from left to right we have, Cena (author of My ‘M’ Spot), Cori, Me (ugh I had to wear my glasses…so not cool), and Amanda. The floating head in the back, that’s Colleen. Aren’t we gorgeous? Only answer if the answer is yes.

Probably the funniest times of the weekend was when my brother in-law Nick passed out on the floor and we spread melted cheese on his beard so his dog would go to town licking his face. Then we stuffed the chip in between his legs and laughed our ass off while we watched him move around (in his sleep) telling the dog to stop it as she dug around for the chip! Probably one of those “had to be there” moments, but it was some funny shit.

I cannot wait until the next time we can all get together like this again. We always have a good time when we are together.



OK so I am stuck in the backseat for 3 hours on our way to Columbus. Why am I in the back? Because my dog will only sit back here with me. But on the bright side, my husband has this cool card that you stick in the side of your computer so you can use the internet! So I will type up lots of blog posts in these 3 hours!

My sister in-law told me of the coolest site…go here. I love this video…it’s so stupid, yet so funny.


"Mommy, How do Babies Come Out of Tummies"

Yea that’s how I looked when my 4 year old asked me that today. Gee whiz kid, go back to asking mommy to transform those impossible Transformer toys. He’s been getting more and more inquisitive lately. Asking things like “why doesn’t Cody talk? Dogs on tv talk. Are those dogs real?”

But how the hell did we go from cartoon animals to babies coming out of tummies? Oh by the way, I told him to ask daddy that question. I should have said to ask Giddo (arabic for grandpa)…he’s spending the weekend at his house and I am sure Giddo would love to answer than one 😉

Oh and before I get comments about not talking to him about it…I wanted to think through my answers first before I just say something. Because I’m sure the next logical question would be “how do babies get there?” and well, I’m sure the preschool teacher and all the other parents would not appreciate my 4 year old going back to school telling everyone that mommy and daddy love each other, hug a bit and BAM! a baby is in mommy’s tummy. Or would I say uterus since that’s the correct term? See why I need to think through, check out some age appropriate books, etc???

I am all for open lines of communication and questions…lord knows I’m the queen of questions…I just never thought I would be getting these types of questions, so soon.


The Secret Mountain Books and Music Review

I was so so so excited to get this package in the mail. From the moment my son was born, his love for both books and music was very obvious. I started to incorporate a lullaby CD into is bedtime routine. He is 4 years old now and he STILL goes to sleep with that CD. He absolutely loves the music. Well…as soon as I opened this package I received, he fell in love with a slew of new music.

In my package, I had three books from The Secret Mountain for children that each had their own CD of music that complemented the book beautifully. Not only did the CD complement the book, it also had the lyrics in the back of each book so you could sing along! A big plus in this house!

The books we received are Dream Songs Night Songs from Belgium to Brazil, Down at the Sea Hotel, and A Duck in New York City (our favorite!!). Each book has simple, yet very beautiful illustrations. If you ordered just one book from that site, I highly recommend A Duck in New York City. My son had me read it twice, he liked it so much.

From The Secret Mountain website:

The Secret Mountain is dedicated to the creation of children’s books, videos and audio recordings of the highest quality. Our main focus is to produce and publish stories and music that encompass the talents of songwriters, storytellers, singers, illustrators and animation artists alike.

If you like both books and music, these are the books for you. I think most of us are tired of reading the same things over and over again! Add something new to the bookshelf!