I cannot wait until tomorrow!!! I love my kids to death, but I am really really looking forward to the moment when I drop them off at my in-laws and I hit the road for Columbus! What am I doing, you say? Why I am going to Columbus for the big Ohio State vs. Michigan game!!!!

For one glorious weekend I will be free from hearing “Mommmmmmmmy Bella hit me” or “Mummy dack hit mae” (that’s how Bella says things). No snotty noses to wipe, no butts to clean…just lots of drinking and good times with family!

I wonder who’s going to win the game…Pfft. As if I care!


My Puppy :(

We adopted this puppy from the humane society and he is so lovable with me and the kids, but hates my husband. Hate isn’t really the word for it. He fears my husband. I have a feeling Cody was beat before we got him 🙁 Someone mentioned that to me last week or the week before and I didn’t want to believe it, but I’m thinking he was. My heart hurts for this puppy. I know my family and I will give him all the love and attention he needs and he will never have to worry about that again, but still.

Right now I am waiting for a call back from the humane society. They have a behavior line that you call (if you adopted a pet from them) and they will help you with tips, tricks, etc to make things better. Ironically, last night while I was at my sons preschool cleaning and disinfecting the toys with a few other moms, one of the moms had a lot of dog training info and passed on some tips to me.

It just makes me so sad. What kind of person could do this to an animal? A baby animal too. I mean Cody is only 6 months old for Pete’s sake. Poor thing.


Wordless Wednesday – 11/19/08


Dan Dan the Dog Training Man!

I posted about how my dog appears to not like my husband Dan. Anytime Dan walks, stands up, breathes, the dog is barking at him. Cody will only seek affection from Dan when HE wants it. If Dan calls Cody to him, Cody will run the opposite direction and hide behind me.

Well I was talking to my very wise friend Tirzah last night and she told me that it seems like Cody looks to me as being the leader of the pack (damn straight I’m the leader of this pack!) and seems himself as a higher rank than Dan. So I googled that topic last night to see if there was a way to change the rank order so Cody knows that Dan is a higher rank than him. I start to tell Dan about what I found and ways that dogs in a pack show their rank and how humans can establish rank order in their house.

I think everything I said went in one ear and out the other because all of a sudden Dan said “you know, I think I’ll try what the Dog Whisperer does”…um…you watch the Dog Whisperer? Since when? Where was I?

So last night Dan got up to get a drink, right on cue Cody began barking at him. Dan turned around, layed Cody on the ground and gently, but firmly held him down while saying “Do NOT bark at me”. Now I’m sitting there watching my husband and trying not to laugh, singing “I’m the leader of the pack”. But what do you know, Cody didn’t bark at him the rest of the night. Instead he sat there staring at Dan (probably plotting his revenge) with a confused as hell look on his face.


Proof the Dog Hates Dan

Any time Dan moves a muscle or basically makes his presence known in the room, Cody barks like crazy at him. However that is only if I am home. If I’m not home, then Cody is fine with Dan (for the most part).