America’s Got Talent

I am watching the episode that was on yesterday and it is driving me insane to see some of the acts that they put through. It really seems like they are being very political about their choices. For example, they put the 4 year girl through. She is adorable as all get out, but will she win? No. But do they want to be the jerks that break her little heart? Of course not. They’ll push her through and let America vote her out.

Then you have the soldier (who is cute, but the way!). I think he is excellent and I wanted him to go through. Yes he forgot the lyrics. Everyone makes mistakes, but I don’t think they (especially Pierce) wanted to push him through. But they don’t want to not put the soldier through who just got back from Iraq (wasn’t it Iraq?)…they’ll let America do that.

There were so many acts that they cut that, it was shocking to me that they didn’t put those people through.

What are your thoughts on it?

What’s for dinner, Thursday

I haven’t posted any recipes I’ve been making in quite awhile. Today’s is pretty good. And yes, it’s in the crock pot. I try to use the crock pot at least once or twice a week.

Today’s recipe is from the The Busy Mom’s Slow Cooker Cookbook:

Teriyaki Pork Chops

1/3 cup Teriyaki Sauce
1TBS brown Sugar
1/2 tsp ground ginger
4 boneless pork chops

Place pork chops in crock pot. Mix ginger, sugar, and sauce in a bowl and pour over the pork chops. Cook on low for 7-8 hrs


Wordless Wednesday – Mother of ALL popsicles

Run Daddy Run!

Picture this, you look out your family room door wall window and you see a hornet’s nest in the upper corner. What would be the logical thing to do? Most would probably say, “wait until dusk when all of the hornets are back in their nest and spray the nest and knock it down”. But, OH NO…not my husband. What does he do?

First he is at the door wall window hitting the window with the back of his flip flop and laughing like a kid as all the bees got royally pissed off and flew around crazy. Next he goes into the garage and gets the spray and proceeds to walk out our kitchen door wall. By this time I am telling him that he should wait. The words “you’re allergic to bees, remember” did come out of my mouth. Did that stop him? Nope.

So I do what any normal person would do and got my son to stand in front of the door and watch what an idiot his father is. I have never seen my son laugh so hard when he saw his father took off running like a mad man across our backyard. He didn’t quite know why he was laughing but nonetheless, it was funny to see a terrified look on daddies face as he ran crazy around the yard. Little did he know, daddy was running crazy because several of the bees flew at him!

Moral of the story? Listen to your wife. She’s always right. And yet again, today proved it!

Are you a calm mom or a hyper mom?

I’d like to think of myself as calm and patient with my kids. Sometimes I lose my cool, but all in all, I think I handle things with them on a more calmer approach. I learned early on with my son, and other people told me this whenever I would complain, lose my cool, etc that you have to stay calm because some kids do things for your reaction. My son is one of those kids. I suspect my daughter is too!

However, when it comes to art projects, helping in the kitchen…I am the hyper mom. I am just not good at taking things in stride. My mil, she loves to have my kids help her cook. My son, accidentally, dumped a cup of flour on her shirt (she bumped his arm, which made the cup tip…) and she just laughed and said something like “oh thats alright, Sitta will take care of that later”. Me. I would have freaked. I would have had to stop what we were doing, set my son or daughter on the floor and told them to stay there for the remainder of the mixing.

I wish I could be less hyper when it comes to cooking, art, etc…

So what about you? Are you a calm and patient mom who takes things in stride or are you kind of hyper about those things? Or are you a combination of both like I am?