TV Shows from your Childhood

The other day, while I listened to something my kids were watching on TV, I couldn’t help but think about all the awesome TV shows I had growing up that I absolutely loved and how I wish they were on TV now for my kids to watch. Every once and awhile they are able to catch a show when they are at my moms house that I remember watching growing up. Bella came home once telling me that she knew how to make her own pickles because she saw it on an “old fashion” TV show. The show she watched was the Andy Griffith Show! The shows I miss are:

*Punky Brewster
*Small Wonder
*That show with Belki lol I can’t remember what it was
*Step by Step
*Out of this World
*Silver Spoons
*Beverly Hills 90210

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My kids love watching TV shows that I grew up with. Especially Full Housetv shows and Boy Meets Worldtv shows. Those two hit TV shows are constantly on in my house. In fact, they are watching Boy Meets World right now!

tv shows

We have some great shows on TV right now, but nothing compares to what we had during the 80’s and 90’s! All of the TGIF shows (remember that?!?) had good, wholesome family values and they taught a lesson in each show. Bella pointed that out in both Full House and Boy Meets World right away. While they may be cheesy, they are still things that stick with you. For instance, I never once took Caffeine pills in high school or college no matter how tired I got or how much work I had because I remember the episode of Saved By the Bell with Jesse and what happened to her.

Best New TV Shows

  • Girl Meets World
  • The Blacklist
  • Shades of Blue
  • America’s Got Talent (not new, but a great family show)
  • American Idol (also not new, but another great family show)

What are your thoughts? What TV shows from your childhood do you miss and what shows are you watching now that you love?

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but…

I was at Walmart this evening and as I was walking into the store I noticed out of the corner of my that their sprinklers were on. But not only that…some poor customer had to park their convertible, with the top down, in front of the area that was being watered. Oh but thats not all. Not only was the top down, but the sprinkler head in front of the car was broke so instead of watering the grass, it sprayed DIRECTLY into this persons car. Directly into it. We’re talking an entire stream of water going into the car with no roof and only in that car.

My first reaction was shock. I mean how could you not be shocked. Then I thought “why the hell would you leave your top down?” <--I know people do this, but I never understood it. And finally I figured I should probably let someone know in the store so they could make an announcement. Now here is where I started laughing. The teenager that I told at customer service proceeded to announce the following over the loud speaker:

“Would the owner of a black convertible with the top down, please head out to your car. It is being watered at the moment”


Such a nice grandma!

On our way home from Chicago yesterday, we stopped at Denny’s for dinner. Both kids were hyper as can be, super happy to be out of the car, talking in LOUD voices, etc. There was an older couple in the booth behind us and I was getting so paranoid that our kids were driving them crazy. Dan and I really tried to keep a handle on it all, but they were still pretty loud.

When the couple got up to leave, the lady came to our table. All I kept thinking was, “please don’t say you were irritated…I’m not in the mood”. But she said the complete opposite. She started out by telling us that we are doing an excellent job with two kids that are very obviously stir crazy from being in the car and that she remembers those days with her kids. She then talked to the kids and told them how cute they were, etc.

It was so nice and totally made my night!

So thank you nice Indiana Grandma!!!

I’m back in the car

We hit the worst traffic jam in the WORLD last night and ended up getting to our hotel at around 2am. Z woke up giddy as can be and B was barely able to lift her head off my shoulder to look around…she was that tired.

Sadly, it was not the hotel with the water park, but they did have a small indoor pool with VERY warm water. The kids and I had fun for a couple hours and then just bummed around until dh was done.

Can’t say I’ll be going with him again. I’d rather be at home with the kids. Unless he is going somewhere really cool!

Guess where I am???

Right now I am sitting in the passenger seat of my husbands car, blogging away while he drives us to Chicago! Unfortunately we won’t be staying more than one night. He has to be in Chicago for a business meeting and we went along for the ride and to play in the hotel pool. The kids are ecstatic!

He is on the phone with a Holiday Inn that has a water park! This should be interesting. Me…two toddlers…and a water park! Too bad I don’t have my camera with me. We may just have to pick up a disposable water camera!

Fun fun fun!