Happy 8th Birthday Bella!

Today Bella turned eight years old! She is the spunkiest, most caring eight year old I know. She gets royally peeved off if someone breaks a rule; she will stand up for what she believes in; and she will be the first person to be your friend, even if know one else wants to be. While her spunkiness can really irritate me at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

From the moment she was born, her big brother couldn’t wait to meet her. Even now, while it seems like they fight NON-STOP, they are still the best of friends.


No matter where Bella went, Zack was sure to be right there with her!

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Bella has always been a child that was determined that she could do anything and everything. Like when she was three years old and determined to break a board with her fist like the older kids did…


Today we took her to her favorite Mexican restaurant for her birthday. Apparently, at this restaurant, when they sing happy birthday to you they also put whip cream on your nose. She was not a fan!


Happy Birthday Bella!!


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