My Thoughts on the Shocking Grey’s Anatomy Episode

If you haven’t watched the Grey’s Anatomy episode that aired last night, then you may want to skip over this post for now because it will be full of my opinions, spoilers and more. This will be your one and only warning that this post contains spoilers. If you choose to continue reading, that is your fault and the beautiful people here at Diaries of a Domestic Goddess cannot and will not be held responsible for your Grey’s Anatomy world just completely exploding before your eyes. You have been warned.


I still love the original cast! The image used can be found here.

So last night I turned on Grey’s Anatomy, just like I do every other Thursday evening. I knew that there was going to be some sort of plot twist, but what I didn’t know was that it was going to completely rock my world. You see, last week Meredith was worried because Derek didn’t show up to his White House meeting. Bailey told her that if she hasn’t heard from him by 5 pm, then she can worry. Well…5 pm came and went. Just as Meredith was about to freak out, cop cars and their flashing lights showed up in her driveway. Now I’ve read enough books and seen enough movies that when the cops show up at your door, it’s never a good sign.


Of course that’s where they ended the episode for last week. So while I waited for this weeks episode, I read spoiler sites to see if I could figure out what was going to happen. What…you don’t do that? One site said that Derek was going to save everyone from the car wreck and that he hopped into an ambulance and since the patients injuries were non-life threatening, they dropped him off at his house. Um…what? After reading that, I realized those people had no idea what they were talking about when it came to Grey’s Anatomy OR life in general. I get it’s a fictitious show, but ambulances are never taxis.

My Thoughts on the Shocking Episode

It was complete crap. Not because Derek Shepherd died (I warned ya), but how they went about it. Everything leading up to the crash was pretty realistic. Well…maybe everything, but a shortcut to the airport. But I won’t be that nit-picky. For starters, the little girl (Winnie, I think her name was) would have had a little more than just a cut on the side of her head. With the way that car spun and hit the ground, I would have to imagine she would have hit her head against the window a couple times. Secondly, how did Derek get the mom out of the car on his own? The car was on it’s side, with the passenger side down, so the mom was up in the air. Derek would had to have had super human strength to lift her up and out the window, unless he was able to get the door open. I guess I’ll maybe give them that one. Oh…and let’s not forget that this surgeon…a doctor…didn’t have a first aid kit in the trunk of the car. Really? However, what really made me mad was Derek’s crash. Here they are, in the middle of the road for so long. Not a single car goes by until Derek gets into his car to leave. Who in the world does a u-turn on a curve and stops mid-turn to check their phone? Complete the turn. Get out of the middle of the road!

Doctor shows usually make me upset because of how they do CPR or use the defibrillators because they do it wrong. Always. I may not be a doctor or a nurse, but I spent years and years in training to be CPR certified. We also were trained on how to use the defibrillator. There is not a single doctor show that I have ever seen that shows the actors doing it right. That always has annoyed me. But I let it go because I love Grey’s Anatomy and let’s face it McDreamy is easy on the eyes. But to kill off such an important actor in such a dumb way. Really? It would have been more believable if he would have suffered a heart attack or something like that.

I will still watch Grey’s Anatomy. Mainly because I am the type of person that sees things through. Especially when I’ve invested so many years into something, but I do think this about as dumb as you get when killing off a main character. And I thought the whole LVAD wire thing in season two was pretty dumb.

What are your thoughts on last nights show?

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