Dear Santa Free Printable

Can you believe that Christmas is right around the corner? My kids, like most kids, are already starting to talk about what they want for Christmas. I know they are getting older, so obviously their wants are getting bigger (and more expensive), but this year we have decided to rein them in a bit and sort of guide their “wants” with this Dear Santa free printable. This way they are writing down things they want, but also thinking about things they need to. After adopting a 16 year old girl for Christmas and seeing things like a winter jacket, boots and clothing items on her Christmas list, it really got me thinking about my own kids Christmas lists. I don’t want to take away the magic and fun of Christmas, but I think with this Dear Santa free printable, kids can ask for the things they really want and also think about things they need too.

Free Dear Santa Printable

dear santa

What I like most about this free printable is it gets kids to really think about what they are asking. With my middle school son, he’s always asking for shoes or name brand clothes that are outside of the budget we set for things like that. Sometimes, when he’s asking for a particular pair of shoes of maybe a sweatshirt that is outside of that budget we set, we tell him “make sure you put it on your list for Christmas“. It’s not that we don’t want to get him (or our daughter) the shoes they would like, but by redirecting them to consider asking for it for Christmas, it allows us to really see if they truly want it or do they want it because it’s the cool thing at that moment. More times than not, they don’t really want those shoes…they just think they do because some kids at school have them and they are “cool”!

And please, don’t think that by giving this Dear Santa free printable to your kids that you are only getting them five presents! You’re mom and dad, get them as many presents as you would like. This just helps narrow down their thinking and really allows them to think through what they are asking! For instance, for the past couple years, my daughter has asked for some old school TV series on DVD. One year we got her the Full Housedear santa complete series (which, if you are thinking about it, this is amazing price for it right now). Another year we got her the complete series for Boy Meets Worlddear santa (again, this is another amazing price). So, continuing with tradition of introducing her to the amazing TV we had in the 80’s and 90’s, I’m thinking about getting her the complete series for Saved By the Bell or maybe even Family Tiesdear santa!

Please feel free to print the free Dear Santa printable! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Print the Dear Santa FREE Printable HERE!

Hatchimals – Hot Toy of the Season!

We have had a whirlwind start to our fall season. Between two family weddings, both kids sports and my daughters 10th birthday, I’ve barely had time to sit down and relax. Halloween is right around the corner, then comes Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be coming up quick. Normally for my daughter’s birthday or anytime I need to get her a gift, I know what to get her. She has very specific interests. However, for this birthday, I don’t know if it was just how busy we’ve been, I really struggled with what to get her. Until I saw a commercial for Hatchimals. As soon as I saw that, I not only knew that it was exactly what Bella would like, but also that it was going to be the hot toy of the seasonhatchimals (and one that will probably sell out quick).


About Hatchimals

Hatchimals live inside an egg. It’s a surprise as to which one you get! As you interact with your egg and take care of it, your Hatchimals prepares itself to hatch! It will interact back with you. Tap on the egg, it taps back. As you are interacting with the egg, you will notice the Hatchimals eyes glowing different colors through the egg.


Each color means something different. For instance, when you see red that means the egg is upset and you need to rub the bottom of the egg. When the eyes are flashing orange, it means your pet has the hiccups so all you need to do is tap the egg! We had about eight adults and six kids (ages two on up to 12) surrounding this egg, waiting for it to hatch. When it began hatching, the entire room exploded with excitement!

After the Hatchimals hatch, it doesn’t end there! As you play and interact with your pet, he or she will go through various stages and interact right back. Teach it to talk, sing, dance and so much more! Can you see now why I’m calling this the hot toy of the season! It will sell out!

If you are looking for something unique that children of all ages will love, then I suggest picking up one right now. I’ve seen them at the store for $59.99, but if you hurry, you can get them on Amazon for $54.88! Get it before your kids ask for it and then you won’t be left scrambling and driving from store to store as we get closer to the holidays! Been there done that before…it’s not fun!

What was your favorite toy as a child?

Phone Ring – Must Have Item

Last weekend, I was hanging out with my in-laws, like we usually do on the weekend, and I noticed that ALL of my cousins had a phone ring. If you don’t know what they are, let me tell you, they are genius! Basically, it’s a 360° ring that sticks on the back of your phone (iPhone or Android…they don’t discriminate) and make your life way better than it already is! I’m not joking! After watching them all weekend long, I hopped on Amazon and ordered my very own. It came this past Monday and let me tell you, I don’t know how I’ve lived without it all these years!

Phone Ring

There are all kinds of different types that you can choose from. I went with a cat head:

phone ring

Isn’t it cute?!? If you are a cat lover like me, you can order your’s HERE!phone ring Here’s a better view of the actual ring:

phone ring

I especially find this phone ring useful when I’m shopping. There are many times I have my phone out for various reasons while shopping…either I am expecting a call and I don’t want to miss it or I’m using the phone while shopping. The last thing I want to do is set it down and lose it. The nice thing about the phone ring is that it allows me to pick things up without having to set my phone down or dropping my phone!

If cat’s aren’t your thing, check out some of these other cute options:

phone ring
phone ring
phone ring
They have many different styles! My son wants one for his iPhone and my daughter is begging for one for her iPod! Pick up a few and put them away for the holidays! I am pretty certain everyone will love this! It’s one of those things where you don’t really realize you need it, until you have it!

Camping Tips for Newbies

A couple weeks ago, my husband took our daughter camping, just the two of them! Bella was no interested in going to the daddy/daughter dance at her school this past school year. Instead, she made a deal with her dad to take her camping, just the two of them. This was totally OK with Zack and I. We are NOT campers! Being the great daddy that he is, he was very excited to take her camping and make it a fun trip that the two of them would remember forever and want to repeat every summer! However, we’ve never really camped before. So I’ve put together some great camping tips for newbies! You will want to keep reading. Especially at the end. I have a free camping meal planning printable for you!

camping tips for newbies

Camping Tips for Newbies

First and foremost, if you do not know what you need to take with you, Google is your friend! We did a Google search for “tent camping” and it immediately pulled up a list from the REI website with a checklist of items you need with you. Now, mind you, that list is VERY thorough and some things are definitely things you would not need, but you will be able to figure that out…it’s pretty obvious! A few items I want to point out that you need to take with you, besides the obvious things like a tent, sleeping bags, food, bug spray, etc are:

  • Tick Removercamping tips for newbies – This was one of the first things I purchased for their camping trip. I also made sure to remind Mr. DGoddess to check her over daily!
  • INFLATABLE LOUNGERcamping tips for newbies – Sounds silly, but my husband said EVERYONE had them and raved about them. Personally, I’d probably camp if I could sleep in one of these! No joke! They are on a super sale right now…
  • Coleman Quad(TM) LED Lanterncamping tips for newbies – This is the lantern they bought and took with them. The nice thing about it is that you can take one of the lights off and use it by itself for trips to the bathroom in the dark, etc.
  • First-Aid Kit – Seems rather obvious, but Mr. DGoddess would not have brought one had I not put one together for him and they needed it the day Bella cut her finger with the fish hook.

One thing Bella and her dad took with them was The Itch Therminator. I was really excited to try this. Bella seems to be a magnet for mosquitoes and when she gets bit, they swell up really big. One thing I always have her do is take a spoon, run it under really hot water and press it on to the mosquito bite. It helps take the itchiness away. However, you know as well as I do, you don’t always have access to hot water when you get bit buy mosquitoes. The Itch Therminator is your solution!


The Itch Therminator fits in any first-aid kit and it is definitely something you want to have on hand. When you get bit or stung, simply press the end of The Itch Therminator on the bite and press the button. As you are holding the button down, The Itch Therminator will heat up and neutralize the itchiness! As you can imagine, Bella got bit many times on their camping trip and she was very thankful to have this nifty tool in the first-aid kit!

Besides having all the things I mentioned above, you also want to plan out your food. I put together this free meal planning printable for you to make it easier to keep track of what you need and buy at the grocery store!

camping tips for newbies

Download your FREE Camping Meal Planner HERE

So…I told you the items I felt were important to make sure you took with you camping, whether you are a newbie or a camping pro. What items do you never leave at home when you go camping??

Ozark Trail Insulated Tumbler – You Need One!

You’ve probably heard about or have seen the Yeti cupsozark trail. I’m not going to lie…I wanted one really badly. However, I did not want to pay the price for one. One of the things I like about the Yeti cups or cups like them, is the fact that it keeps your water really cold. I’m really bad about drinking enough water. I’ve tried many different ways to insure I get my water in, but I never seem to do it…mainly because every other cup I’ve ever tried never seemed to keep my water ice cold. Until now! And no, I did not buy a Yeti cup…I bought an Ozark Trail insulated tumblerozark trail.

ozark trail

About the Ozark Trail Tumbler

I’m not kidding when I say this is the best tumbler ever! Besides coming in both a 20 oz and 30 oz size, here are some of the crazy awesome features:

  • The tumbler is BPA free
  • Can be used for both hot and cold liquids
  • Made of high-grade, double walled stainless steel that is rust proof and sweat free
  • Lifetime warranty

Every night I fill my Ozark Trail tumbler with ice and water. I drink all of the water and go to bed. When I wake up the next morning, the majority of the ice is still there! Even when I use my cup outside or leave it in a hot car and the ice eventually melts, the water stays ice cold for hours and hours.

Right now I am searching Etsy to find the perfect decal to decorate my cup. This name and initial decal is super cute and really inexpensive!

ozark trail

If you are looking for a coaches gift, this coach decal is super cool! You can pick the sport you need!

ozark trail

Looking for an adorable wedding gift for the soon to be bride and groom? Why not get them an Ozark Trail tumbler and these super cute Mr. and Mrs. decal?!?

ozark trail

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your Ozark Trail tumbler and pick up one of these super cute decals!