Summer Outdoor Games for the Family

Summer is finally starting in our house! The kids will be out of school this Thursday and one thing I want to do this summer is have a lot more family time! Family time is one of the most important things to me. Both my husband and I love to play games. Before we had kids, we used to have game nights with our friends. It was always a blast. I think it would totally be a fun idea to have BBQ’s with our friends and their kids and play a bunch of summer outdoor games together!

summer outdoor games

The Best Summer Outdoor Games!

Do you remember Yahtzee? I remember playing it all the time as a kid. I also enjoy playing the Yahtzee app while I sit and wait for my son after school! So obviously, I would totally enjoy Yard Yahtzee and I think my kids would too!! The dry erase feature with this set is genius and insures that you can play all summer long and for many summers to come!

summer outdoor games

Another game I used to play all the time, and one my kids really like, as well, is Jenga! Remember that game? How fun would it be to play with a giant Jenga set at your next BBQ? The nice thing about the backyard Jenga game I found is that each and every piece stores inside the crate that you set the game on!

summer outdoor games

I don’t know if it is just a Midwest thing or not, but corn hole is a fun BBQ game! For those of you that do not know what corn hole is, it is a ridiculously fun and competitive (could just be the people I’m with!) bean bag toss game. As the name may suggest, you want to get your bean bag in the hole. You can buy plain boards, but it definitely is more fun to have custom corn hole boards! My favorite are the old school Nintendo controllers!

summer outdoor games

Similar to corn hole, washer toss is another fun game to play with friends. It’s also a lot more challenging, but a lot easier to transport than the corn hole game! Basically…the first person to 21 points wins!

summer outdoor games

Which fun summer outdoor games do you like best? If it’s not listed here, please share with me! We would love to try it out!

Best Fathers Day Gifts – Jord Watches

Gift giving is usually very stressful for me. Not because I don’t want to give someone a gift. It’s quite the opposite. I love giving people gifts, but I want them to be unique gifts, something the person would really like, and I like the gifts to be useful in some way. I find that my most favorite gifts are ones that I can use. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, my kids and I have decided to give their father a wood watch by Jord. If you are not familiar with these truly unique timepieces, then continue reading. They truly are a work of art and they make the best Fathers Day gifts!

*I was provided with the watch pictured below for the purpose of this post. All opinions are 100% my own. Always.

best fathers day gifts

Unique Watches for Men

My husband is a watch collector. So making the decision to get him a watch for Father’s Day is a relatively easy decision. While he does have quite a few watches in his collection, the Wood Watches by Jord are his most unique watches, by far! The particular watch we picked for him is part of the Delmar series. It is made of dark sandalwood and has a blue carbon face. I went with this particular watch because it is on the larger end and I like big watches on my husband. Not to mention, the dark sandalwood and blue carbon really compliment each other nicely! Here’s how it looks on his wrist:

best fathers day gifts

This is his second Jord watch and we are just as happy with this one as we are with his first one. Every time he wears it, he gets compliments on the unique style and overall look of the watch. You really can’t go wrong with any of the Jord watches. My personal favorite watch on their site right now is from the Dover series…the ebony and copper watch. It is absolutely gorgeous!

If you are looking for that unique Father’s Day gift idea, you really need to check out these wood watches by Jord. Right now, and until supplies last, you can use the code DADgoddessinthehouse25 for $25 off. Enter this code at check-out and remember, they are available only while supplies last so get your order in today!

Wooden Watch Review

What are your ideas for the Best Fathers Day gifts?

Marvel CROSS Pens for Father’s Day

This past weekend, when we weren’t freezing to death at our son’s lacrosse tournament (it’s May…we should NOT have to wear winter coats, boots, hats and gloves), we took some of the kids on our break between games to see the new Captain America: Civil War movie. Everyone, especially the dads and the boys, really liked the movie. To be honest, I’m sure I would have liked it too, but I was more focused on getting and staying warm! With Father’s Day quickly approaching, if you are anything like me, you are starting to think about what to get all the fathers in your life! Honor your real life superhero with one of the Marvel CROSS Pens featuring Captain America, Iron Man or Spider-Man!

I was beyond excited when the fabulous people at CROSS reached out to me to see if I would be interested in presenting their newest collection. I previously worked with CROSS to present their Star Wars line during the holidays. I’m telling you, my Darth Vader pen is STILL one of my favorite pens to write with! While the kids and I have already talked about a couple ideas for their dad for Father’s Day, I thought one of the Marvel CROSS Pens would make a great gift for him to. He is a HUGE Marvel comic fan!

marvel cross pens

About Marvel CROSS Pens

CROSS fine writing instruments teamed up with Marvel to launch a series of Super Pens featuring the most prominent icons in the Marvel universe, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

The pens are available in two styles. First the brand’s evolutionary Century II series finished in a high-gloss lacquer and includes a collectible, character-specific romance card (MSRP $150 USD.) And the second is the Tech2 series, which transforms from a ballpoint pen to a stylus in a flash (MSRP $45 USD.) Both styles endow users with the “superpower” of expression via a fine writing instrument.

While the Tech2 series (pictured above) is a great gift for kids to give their superhero dad on Father’s Day, it’s also a great graduation gift idea too! Whomever you choose to gift one of the Marvel CROSS Pens to, it will be the best pen they ever wrote with! While you’re at it, be sure to pre-order your copy of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil Warmarvel CROSS pens from Amazon!!

What are you getting your father for Father’s Day this year?

Personal Fashion for Girls with Kidpik

Have you seen all the different subscription boxes out there right now? There’s one for adult fashions, make-up, shaving stuff for men, food boxes…there is literally a subscription box for just about anything! Now there is a personal fashion for girls subscription box, courtesy of Kidpik! If you’re like me, you dread going shopping with your daughter. They all have their own personal style, which is fine, but it is never the same as yours. So everything you show them doesn’t work for them. Even when you think you’ve outsmarted them and started saying, “oh this is ugly”…just to get them to say they like it, they figure you out and tell you they don’t like it either. You can never win. Sound familiar? If so, or if you really like subscription boxes, then you need to keep on reading to find out more about Kidpik!

*I received one Kidpik box for the purpose of this post. All opinions are 100% my own*

About Kidpik, Personal Fashion for Girls

Kidpik takes the luxury of personal styling and combines it with the convenience of home shopping to deliver girls, sizes 4-14, a box of clothes that is tailored to your budget! If that doesn’t sound good enough, you also get free shipping, free styling and free membership…all part of your no commitment Kidpik experience! Doesn’t it sound great? I know I would prefer getting the latest fashions for girls delivered right to my door without having to drag my daughter through the mall!!

So how does Kidpik know what to package up for your daughter? 

Once you sign-up at the Kidpik website, you and your daughter take a little survey. The survey has you choose the following:

  • Your daughters name and birthday
  • Where you live
  • Favorite go-to style (dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, etc)
  • Favorite and non-favorite colors
  • Prints she wears
  • Shirt size, skirt/pant size, and shoe size
  • Favorite style jeans
  • Preferred dress and skirt length

Once you answer all of those questions, the survey continues with images of different outfits that your daughter can select as types of outfits she likes. Kidpik also asks, on a scale of 1-10, how sparkly she is. The very last question is a list of stores for you to choose where you like to shop.

All of the answers to these questions helps the wonderful Kidpik stylists put together the best box for your daughter. Did they get it right? See for yourself!

She truly loved everything! Especially the lime green sunglasses and the little patches that were in the little pouches I had her set aside! If, in the off chance that something was just not for her or didn’t fit, you just send it back! Each box comes with a postage paid envelop to mail back the items that you do not want. Within seven days of receiving the items, log into your account and check off the items you wish to keep. If you would like to keep the entire box, you will receive 30% off the entire box! Bella loved the superstar outfit so much she decided to wear it that night to dinner!

personal fashion for girls

Each Kidpik personal fashion for girls box costs approximately $70-$100. With absolutely zero commitment, this is an excellent solution for moms and daughters to be exposed to new things. Not to mention, I don’t know about your daughters, but if someone else told her something looked nice, then she’d wear it. It truly is a win win situation!

Noise Canceling Headphones – Why You Need Them

Picture this…you and your husband share an office. Your husband is extremely loud when he talks on the phone (sometimes on speaker…so annoying). It’s to the point that you cannot concentrate, no matter how hard you try. Something has to be done, but what. You tried wearing your headphones that came with your iPhone, but no matter how loud you turn the music up, you can drown the noise out. And then a thought hit you! You need noise canceling headphones! Don’t those sound amazing?? Guess what…they are!

Last year, my husband got me the best birthday present ever! He got me a Kindle Paperwhite. I use this Kindle EVERY single day. It’s always in my purse. I honestly thought there was no way he would ever be able to top that gift. There are very few things I want that he could buy…more time together as a family is my number one want. However, after complaining non-stop about how loud he is when I am trying to work, he asked me if I wanted a pair of noise canceling headphones. My ears perked up at that idea. The idea of being able to effectively tune out all the noise around me…priceless! So we started looking at them. I was down to two pairs. The Bose QuietComfort 25noise canceling headphones and the Beats Executive Over-Ear Headphonesnoise canceling headphones. It was a really hard decision. We spent FOREVER at Best Buy trying all the different pairs on, but I finally went with the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphones. They were WAY more comfortable and they canceled out more noise than the Beats did. I did try out the in ear noise canceling headphones and to me, they weren’t that comfortable. They did work well, however.

noise canceling headphones

Why Noise Canceling Headphones?

Let me tell you…this really is the best gift ever. I use them every single day. They are a bit more expensive than the Beats that I was looking at, but the cost was worth it. Just the short time I was wearing the Beats at Best Buy, they became uncomfortable. The Bose Noise Canceling Headphones can be worn all day long and not really feel like I am wearing anything at all!

noise canceling headphones

So if you are looking for a gift for your spouse for either Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a birthday, anniversary or just because, then you really want to check out the Bose QuietComfort 25noise canceling headphones. The sound quality and comfort is truly amazing. If I’m not listening to the 90’s channel on Pandora, then I am listening to my new favorite channel, the Classical Goes Pop channel. It’s relaxing and I can really focus when I’m listening to that channel!