My Pipe Dream

Do you ever get such an overwhelming feeling when you think about your dream or dreams that you wonder if you will ever accomplish them? What prompted me to write this is I just finished reading a blog post on my friends site, My ‘M’ Spot (who also happens to be my cousin in-law!!) and I couldn’t help but think about my number one dream.

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an author. When I was younger, I used to write story after story about Harry the Hippo. It was “Harry the Hippo and the Surprise Party”; “Harry the Hippo and the Trip to the Zoo”; etc. As I got older I started to really think about what I wanted. And what I want is to write…which seems easy enough right? But with as hectic as my life is, I never seem to get the time to just sit down and write. I keep telling myself, “pretty soon the kids will be in school. Then I can write”.

But you know what would totally make my pipe dream come true? To live in a house overlooking water and have an office with a window of that gorgeous view where I can sit and write, open the window and listen to the water and smell the water, and even sit out on my balcony and write. Yea my office will have it’s own balcony.

So…hopefully, one of these days, I can achieve part of my pipe dream. I doubt the house overlooking water will ever happen. I mean the likely hood of us moving from where we are at is pretty slim to none…but something is better than nothing I suppose.


Sign the Petition to Change CPSIA

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about CPSIA. If you haven’t then you probably don’t have the internet or cable. But that’s OK because I am hear to tell you about the horrible impact that CPSIA will have on all the mom businesses out there. And not just mom businesses…any small business (Etsy Store, Ebay, etc) that caters to children under 12 years old.

If this piece of legislation is not changed, there will be a lot of moms out there that make a living by working out of their home going back to work outside of the home. These are moms who want to stay home with their children; moms who have made sacrafices and found ways to supplement their income by opening an Etsy store, ebay store, etc. If this legislation is not changed, their product will become too expensive to be purchased, forcing them to shut down.

There is not one person out there that is concerned about MY children’s safety as I am. By keeping this legislation worded the way it is, we are having all of our hands held by our congressmen and women who think that we are not able to make suitable decisions where our children are concerned.

To me, this is all a bunch of bull. If our congress men and women want to make things better for fellow American’s, then stop allowing so much out sourcing to other countries, like China, that do not practice safe practices when products are made. Stop bringing in shipment after shipment of toys from China that are only going to be recalled a few weeks or months later. But no. Instead, congress insists upon asserting their athority by coming up with a piece of crap legislation that they don’t even have the means to police to make sure people are sticking to it. This is absolutely ridiculous.

I am asking you to go to this site and sign the petition to have the CPSIA legislation reworded, rethought out, etc. If you want to do more, Trisha over at Momdot had a few good ideas like sending all our “hazardous” items to our congress men and women. Let them see just what this stupid piece of legislation that they thought they were so brillant for coming up with, involves. Send them things like hairbows, hand knit sweaters, baby blankets, etc.


Please ALWAYS be Aware of Your Surroundings

I used to be the kind of person who was oblivious to everything in a store. I used to wander aimlessly, just enjoying the time alone in the store while I “window” shopped. That stopped when I was assaulted in Target a little over a year and a half ago. That man is now in prison serving, hopefully a full sentence, but my carefree window shopping days were over.

Today Zachary and I were in Target (what is it with that place and wackos? And people talk about Walmart lol) getting a prescription filled. As we walked around waiting for it to be filled, I noticed a man wearing army green colored snow pants and a camo snow jacket. It seemed like every time we turned around, he was right there. Zachary and I left Target and went to Meijers to pick up something that Target did not have and as we were getting out of the car, that same man in the army green snow pants and camo snow jacket was walking down the SAME parking aisle that we were in. By this time I was thinking “WTF?” and pretty nervous. Zack and I ran into Meijers, headed straight to where we had to go and so did this man. As we walked up to pay, I was searching around me to see where he was, I couldn’t see him. So I started to relax a bit thinking that maybe, just maybe, my overactive imagination was at work…especially since I started reading the new James Patterson book, Cross Country. But lo and behold, as we walked to our car, he fell in step behind us. I got Zachary in the car and waited to see what this guy was going to do. He never got into his car. He just started walking to the main road. I headed home.

I don’t even want to think about what this person was after. And while I would like to believe it was just a coincidence that we just so happened to be in the same places at the same times at both stores, I don’t think it was such a coincidence. Just be aware of your surroundings. Walk out to your car holding your keys in your hand so you don’t have to fumble in a purse or pocket for them. If you notice someone following you via car, head straight to the police staying while calling them to alert that you are on your way and what the situaion is. And finally, if all else fails, start screaming your head of like a lunatic! 🙂

Is Your Bladder Weak?

It’s OK. I’ll admit it…I’ve peed my pants before. Did I do it on purpose? Of course not. Who pees their pants on purpose? And please, if you are into that and get off on peeing your pants for some sort of weird and twisted pleasure…just move on. This blog post will be of no help or interest to you!

But for those of you that have this problem, whether it is a new problem since having kids, or an older problem that you have dealt with by using a variety of products out there on the market, this post is for you! Tena, formally Serenity, teamed up with exercise expert Kari Bo to launch a revolutionary (and free!!!) pelvic health program called, Core Wellness. This revolutionary program involves the PELVICORE technique which is a quick and easy 20 minute routine that has been found to CURE bladder weakness in over 60% of women who have tried it! Not only has it been proven to cure bladder weakness, but it has also been shown to tone the tummy and improve posture. And one thing my mother has always told me, if you stand up straight and don’t slouch, you look thinner…so there’s another plus!

Watch this quick video about Core Wellness:

I leave you with some great tips from Tena:


Don’t Sweat It: More than 70% of mild bladder incontinence can be improved through simple muscle exercises that contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises require minimal effort and can be done anywhere- in the office, on the subway or while at home watching TV – no gym clothes required.

Maintain a Normal Weight: Carrying excess weight increases the likelihood of weak pelvic floor muscles and can also worsen bladder weakness.

Let Someone Else Do the Heavy Lifting: Lifting heavy objects incorrectly can weaken your pelvic floor. Lift heavy objects safely by bending your knees and using your leg muscles.

The Pelvic Health Diet: Certain foods, such a tomato based and spicy foods, can irritate the bladder. Caffeine and alcoholic beverages also contribute to leakage, so stick to bladder-friendly liquids such as water, apple juice, grape juice and cranberry juice.

Don’t Let Bladder Weakness Hold You Back: Bladder weakness affects one out of four women. You are not alone in this condition and it doesn’t have to control your life. Pelvic floor exercises can greatly improve your pelvic health, but if you’re still hesitant to stray too far from a bathroom, consider a discreet liner or pad to help give you confidence through the day. Visit for more tips and to check out all your options.


Sign up for the Core Wellness program and get your free DVD!


Cyber Bullying

I was sitting in a doctors office waiting room recently and I overheard two women talking about bullying and how they think that bullying has changed dramatically over the years with the start of Myspace, Facebook, instant messaging, etc. I would have to agree. Their conversation was very interesting to (eavesdrop) listen to. However, while I think they got it right as to reasons why bullying has evolved, they were wrong that it stops at High School age children.

Being apart of a lot of online communities, I see “bullying” or what I like to call mob mentality, on adult message boards as well. The different online communities that I am apart of and have been apart of in the past, have all been women (for the most part) over the age of 18 and I would have to say that the bullying that goes on if you are not part of the “in group” is almost worse than what I witnessed in High School or even Middle School.

Thats really sad to me, especially since the communities online that I am and have been apart of, are primarily mom groups. If grown women can treat each other this way, what the heck are they teaching their children? It’s not like they can be mean and nasty online and then turn off that behavior around their children. At least not completely. It would be interesting to me to sit and watch some of the kids of the people who bully online to see if their kids display some bullying behaviors at school.

But back to the conversation I was listening to…it was heartbreaking to hear what this one woman’s child was enduring online. Her daughter, who is a freshman in high school, went on a date with a senior (yes a senior…I know I know…what was the parent thinking allowing that?) and because the daughter wouldn’t “put out” he started telling all of his friends that she is a lesbian. Apparently she is getting all kinds of instant messages from people asking her if she is a lesbian, etc. That was pretty much all I heard on the situation since I was called back for my appointment. But how sad for that girl.

Aside from having more parental supervision on computers, I really don’t know how cyber bullying could stop. Can’t we all just get along?