Walking for a Cause…Wanna Help?

This evening we had to take my youngest to the ER. We went to dinner and she ate something that we figured would be OK for her to eat. She is allergic to milk and all milk proteins. Normally we ALWAYS check the nutritional content…for whatever reason, we didn’t this time 🙁 Shortly after eating, Bella started complaining that her throat hurt and that she couldn’t drink her water. I looked in her mouth and her throat was all red and blotchy looking. She also had some hives forming.

Her reaction to milk in the past has always been diarrhea, upset stomach…etc. Though we have been told that her reaction can either get worse or better. It looks like it is getting worse. So anyway, we took her to the ER and they told us that we definitely did the right thing by bringing her in. Thankfully she was OK. They gave her some benedryl, watched her for a bit and told us to give her Benedryl for the next 4 to 5 days every 4 hours. However, the interesting part…there was no milk in her food. The culprit…eggs. Which I had already been suspecting an egg allergy and was going to bring it up to her GI doc on Monday. Now I think I have my answer.

So with all of that said, I was told about an awesome food allergy website, The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. Once on the site I saw that there was a walk to help find a cure for food allergies. I immediately registered me, my husband and both of our kids to participate in the walk. The walk is at Kensington Park in Michigan on October 3rd.

Here’s where you all come in. On my side bar over there on the right —-> you will see a button that will take you directly to my donation web page that is set up through The Allergy Food Network. Any and all donation is greatly appreciated. I’ve never participated in a walk like this, but I cannot think of a better cause to walk for. So many children are developing food allergies. It’s scary. So please help my family reach our goal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


National Infertility Awareness Week

It makes me so sad when a couple have difficulties getting pregnant. It makes me equally as angry if not more angry that there are people out there that get pregnant and don’t want to be or worse, do something horrible to the baby. When I found out that this was National Infertility Week, I knew I had to pass along this wonderful opportunity of hope.

Conceivex, Inc has a new product, The Conception Kit that is the only FDA approved at home fertility enhancer. Here is a little information from their website about The Conception Kit:

The Conception Kit is a three month program for men and women. It is designed to address the following problems in the privacy of your home:

For Men:

  • Low sperm count
  • Low sperm motility

For Women:

  • Tilted cervix
  • Timing of Ovulation
  • Hostile vaginal pH

This at home kit has allowed thousands of couples overcome infertility in their home! How does it work? The conception cap brings the semen directly to the cervix and keeps it there for 4-6 hours. Please check out the website, pass along the information to your friends and family that may need it. It is my hope that by posting this information, it helps at least one person have their dream come true. Be sure to check out this free resources section of the website as well.
And that’s not all. Conceivex, Inc has graciously offered my readers $20 off The Conception Kit so long as you enter the following code:


The code is good until May 15th.

Anyone use Craigslist.com?

I rarely get to watch the news in my house. Who can hear over “what’s this? This isn’t Dora. I want Dora”. It’s pointless to even try so I get a lot of my news online or in the evening, however I missed this story about Craigslist right now.

From what I heard on the Today Show, a man who was engaged to be married (which thankfully his fiance kicked his ass to the curb…or prison cell) began soliciting sex online with women, men, transexuals, etc. He got picked up for murdering, or allegedly murdering a woman he picked up off of Craigslist. This man, Phillip Markoff, was studying to become a doctor. Which I’m sure has become a key defense for Markoff’s lawyer…the stress drove him to lead the double life of soliciting sex on Craigslist, robbing and beating the people he met. Right

I feel sorry for two sets of people, his family and his fiance. That poor woman. I’m sure she can deal with the soliciting sex from other women. I mean, that would hurt…but to find out that he was into other men and transexuals…how horrible for her. And on top of all of that, to have him facing a sentence for murdering someone…I don’t think I would trust another man, ever. I hope she survives this relatively OK.

As for Craigslist…why in the world would they offer things like that on the site. Especially when it has brought bad PR for them in the past, if I am not mistaken. It definitely makes me think again about selling on Craigslist. At least with Ebay, I ship the item to the person and don’t have to meet with them face to face or have them come to my home.

I guess, if you sell on Craigslist, meet at a public location (maybe the Police station) to sell your item. Thats what I will do in the future if I sell.


Children and Dealing with Asthma

Does your child suffer from asthma or was recently diagnosed with asthma? Are you looking for a way to help them understand their diagnosis, as well as show them the importance of following their treatment plan? Well what would you say if I told you that you can get a FREE kids book about dealing with asthma?

“According to a 2007 study published in the journal Pediatric Nurse, it is important for parents to talk to a physician about ways to build their child’s self-confidence and prevent them from feeling stigmatized when they display difficulty coping with their asthma.”



In this day and age, anything we can do to make children comfortable with themselves and anything that they have to live with that is different from their friends is a good thing. It’s not always easy being the one who has to sit out on the sidelines because your asthma is acting up. But having books like Breathless Bethany Buttercup can help kids understand that just because they have asthma, it doesn’t mean they can’t do things that their friends are doing. It also helps them to understand the importance of following their treatment plan.

Schering-Plough and the Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics teamed up together to give you the opportunity to order a copy of Breathless Bethany Buttercup for FREE! You can’t beat free!


Clicker Training

So that’s the training we are doing with Zoe (the puppy). I take her to Petsmart for class every Saturday. It’s fun. I LOVE clicker training and highly recommend it to anyone. I also think it would work well for any age dog since most dogs like to eat and “loading the clicker” is how you begin the training.

Zoe picks things up pretty quickly. We have been working on “leave it” which has been a tad harder than the other commands. Not too long ago, Bella was eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Zoe jump up and steal half her sandwich. I yelled “leave it”. I was a bit late on saying leave it, however Zoe dropped the sandwich and stood there, with her body shaking, ready for me to say “OK take it”. So I was able to grab the sandwich and give it back to Bella. LOL just kidding. I took the sandwich, threw it away and made another one for her.

I’m just wondering now…if clicker training works with kids. I could get a ton of M&Ms and train them with the clicker. With the way my kids like M&Ms…I bet I could get some good results. I bet I could even make millions with a best selling book, Clicker Training for Kids…not just for the dog.