Do You Need to Update Your GPS???

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NAVTEQ. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s that time of year again…Summer Vacation!!!  Whether you are driving your kids from play date to play date or going on a family vacation, chances are great that you will need some sort of directions to get there.  One of the best presents my husband ever bought me was a Garmin GPS for my car.  I use that thing all the time and I know I will be using it a lot this summer taking my son to all his friends houses that I have never been to before (that kid seriously has a better social life than I do)!

One thing I don’t want happening is my GPS hourglass to spin over and over because it is unable to locate where I am telling it I want to go.  This happens because the subdivision or road I am looking for is new…but it basically boils down to one thing.  My maps need to be updated.

But guess what?!?  I have an easy fix for you!  NAVTEQ (, a company whose technology and maps that are in most of the in-car navigation systems or portable GPS device that you use, can save you hours of driving around trying to find your location by offering you a way to update the maps on your GPS (whether it is built into your car or not).  All you need to do is go to their website ( and click on the category that applies to you (in-car GPS or portable GPS) and then you can buy the update for your unit!!  It really is as easy as that!

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Learn about Business while Cruising the Caribean!!!

How would you like it if I told you that Zenith Training is offering an amazing opportunity right now for you to learn about business while cruising around the Caribbean?  Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!?

This amazing 7 day cruise around the Caribbean is called Dare to Dream…Dare to be Great and it is what is called edutainment…that is, you’re being educated and entertained all at the same time while living it up in the sun!

You get to enjoy first class cruising while networking and fine tuning your business skills with 150 other like minded people!  On this cruise you will:

  • Learn from life mastery specialists
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  • Network with other business owners

I know, I know you want to know how much…right?  This is the best part.  Only $127 per day*!!

The $127 per day includes your accommodations, great pools, on-board surfing, ice skating, fitness center, miniature golf, rock climbing, and totally awesome food (and lots of it!!), ALL of your entertainment, the “Dare to Dream…Dare to be Great” seminars and Business Tradeshow, your welcome party, AND the opportunity to wake up to a beautiful new view each and every day!!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t possibly thing of a better learning environment than being surrounded by beautiful water and gorgeous, sandy beaches!!

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Breastfeeding is YOUR Choice

I am going to say this first…I’m in a mood.  This post will most likely stir up some controversy, but oh well.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted an article from The Feminist Breeder blog.  I have to say, it’s a pretty good article, however what I don’t like about this whole “Breast is Best” debate is the way some make people who choose not to breastfeed feel guilty about that choice.  The great thing about living in America is the fact that we have the RIGHT to make choices that we feel are best for us.  We shouldn’t have others trying to make us feel guilty for our choices.

And the bottom line is, breastfeeding is a choice that women have to make.  A choice that is best for them, not what is best for the popular opinion around them.  I didn’t choose to breastfeed either of my children and that is not something I feel at all guilty about.  I knew that I did not want to put the time and commitment into.  I spent 9 months giving up my body for my child, something I very willingly did, but I knew that after 9 months of puking my brains out (almost quite literally) every day, I was done.  I wanted my body back.  Therefore, I choose not to breastfeed.  You can say that was a very selfish of me.  I can handle that.  My kids are very healthy despite the fact that they never got a drop of breastmilk.

The Feminist Breeder tries to make a connection between breastfeeding and car seats.  She says:

“You know what else saves lives?  Car seats.  So, why aren’t people spitting mad at the NHTSA for saying that?  Why aren’t they leaving thousands of comments on car seat articles saying “But I just couldn’t afford a car seat, why are you trying to make me feel guilty?!?!” Well, maybe it’s because our society will admit that car seats save lives, and we’re willing to give them out free at fire stations and hospitals if we have to because it is that important.”

I really don’t think you can compare car seats to breastfeeding.  Having your child in a car seat is a law.  You can’t leave the hospital unless your child is strapped into a car seat.  Now I know that she is comparing car seats and breastfeeding because she believes breastfeeding saves lives just like car seats saves lives.  And I do agree that in some cases, breastfeeding very much does save lives, but again, breastfeeding is a choice.  If when my children were born, there was a reason (in the NICU for example) I should breastfeed, I obviously would have.  However, for me, my children were born extremely healthy so my choice of formula feeding from the get go was a good choice for me.

Now I do agree with The Feminist Breeder that women who breastfeed need to be given more support.  Just like car seats are given to people who can’t afford them, breast pumps should be given to those that want them, but can’t afford them.  Women who choose to breastfeed shouldn’t be made to feel like they can’t breastfeed in public.  Women who choose to breastfeed should be given time at work to pump if necessary.  I feel that if you want to advocate for something, advocate for those things.  Don’t spend the time and energy on making women who CHOOSE not to breastfeed feel guilty.  Provide the information so people can make the decisions for themselves without the guilt thrown in.

Now I know that this is a very heated topic.  I hope that if you choose to leave a comment, it can be done in a respectful manner and not attacking at anyone else that leaves a comment that may be of a differing opinion than yours.

An Example Where Zero Tolerance SHOULD Be in Place

When I was going to school for my teaching certificate, I took a class and part of that class I had to research zero tolerance and write a paper and basically choose a side.  I had a very hard time with that paper because it had to relate to elementary school and maybe this is naive of me, but I really don’t think kids in elementary school fully understand ALL of their actions enough to have a zero tolerance policy in place.  I mean, when it comes to young children in elementary school, I think that the adults in the school are responsible for teaching them right and wrong and learning from their actions when they are in school and having a zero tolerance policy takes away that learning experience.  Once they are in middle school and high school, I feel it’s a different story and a zero tolerance policy should be in place.  Especially in this situation.

Last week there was a fight at a high school campus in Canton, Michigan.  Only I wouldn’t really call it a fight as much as I would call it a freaking beating.  According to this article, a boy was “sucker punched” from behind.  When he went down, the other boy proceeded to beat him to the point of shattering his pelvis.  WTF???

In talking with a friend who’s children go to this particular high school, the boys both got a 14 day suspension.  Again, WTF?  14 days?  That’s it?  14 days for BEATING someone.  That is just ludicrous to me.  And this is the PERFECT example of where a zero tolerance policy should be enforced.  The boy that beat the other one and shattered his pelvis should be expelled.

Yes boys will fight.  I know this.  But this was not a “meet me at the flag pole after school” kind of fight.  This was a beating and the fact that the one boy ended up with a shattered pelvis, how much fighting could he have done?  Not a whole hell of a lot, if any.

Ugh this makes me sick.  What is wrong with people????

Shin Splints…No More!

I had a wake up call today that has finally made me get that urge to get in better shape.  I was laying next to my daughter in bed and she told me that she wants to have a squishy belly just like me.  Ugh.  I know.  I love that my daughter wants to be just like me, but my squishy belly?  So not something she should be striving for.  So before she could tell me she wanted my jiggly ass, I started to make a plan on how I can get into better shape.

We don’t have a gym membership, nor will we be getting one anytime soon.  Plus I have horrible knees that are about to dislocate at a moments notice.  So I am left with very few options of working out.  I have decided that walking is my best form, plus my overweight dog, who was told by the vet to shed a few pounds, could stand to walk a couple miles a day.  Not to mention, when my husband is traveling, I can walk on the treadmill  (if I choose too).

So I decided to get a pair of the Skechers Shape Ups .  I needed a new pair of workout shoes and those shoes are supposed to help tone your muscles.  Not really sure how.  They had a video going on in the store, but I had a 3 year old and a 5 year old with me.  Need I say more?

I took my dog for a walk when we got home, wearing the shoes for the first time and while it took a moment to get comfortable walking in them, I could not get over how much my knees did NOT hurt while walking!  This is a whole new walking experience for me.  We walked 2.1 miles (I drove the route after so I knew how much I walked) and I am not in pain!!