An Example Where Zero Tolerance SHOULD Be in Place

When I was going to school for my teaching certificate, I took a class and part of that class I had to research zero tolerance and write a paper and basically choose a side.  I had a very hard time with that paper because it had to relate to elementary school and maybe this is naive of me, but I really don’t think kids in elementary school fully understand ALL of their actions enough to have a zero tolerance policy in place.  I mean, when it comes to young children in elementary school, I think that the adults in the school are responsible for teaching them right and wrong and learning from their actions when they are in school and having a zero tolerance policy takes away that learning experience.  Once they are in middle school and high school, I feel it’s a different story and a zero tolerance policy should be in place.  Especially in this situation.

Last week there was a fight at a high school campus in Canton, Michigan.  Only I wouldn’t really call it a fight as much as I would call it a freaking beating.  According to this article, a boy was “sucker punched” from behind.  When he went down, the other boy proceeded to beat him to the point of shattering his pelvis.  WTF???

In talking with a friend who’s children go to this particular high school, the boys both got a 14 day suspension.  Again, WTF?  14 days?  That’s it?  14 days for BEATING someone.  That is just ludicrous to me.  And this is the PERFECT example of where a zero tolerance policy should be enforced.  The boy that beat the other one and shattered his pelvis should be expelled.

Yes boys will fight.  I know this.  But this was not a “meet me at the flag pole after school” kind of fight.  This was a beating and the fact that the one boy ended up with a shattered pelvis, how much fighting could he have done?  Not a whole hell of a lot, if any.

Ugh this makes me sick.  What is wrong with people????

Shin Splints…No More!

I had a wake up call today that has finally made me get that urge to get in better shape.  I was laying next to my daughter in bed and she told me that she wants to have a squishy belly just like me.  Ugh.  I know.  I love that my daughter wants to be just like me, but my squishy belly?  So not something she should be striving for.  So before she could tell me she wanted my jiggly ass, I started to make a plan on how I can get into better shape.

We don’t have a gym membership, nor will we be getting one anytime soon.  Plus I have horrible knees that are about to dislocate at a moments notice.  So I am left with very few options of working out.  I have decided that walking is my best form, plus my overweight dog, who was told by the vet to shed a few pounds, could stand to walk a couple miles a day.  Not to mention, when my husband is traveling, I can walk on the treadmill  (if I choose too).

So I decided to get a pair of the Skechers Shape Ups .  I needed a new pair of workout shoes and those shoes are supposed to help tone your muscles.  Not really sure how.  They had a video going on in the store, but I had a 3 year old and a 5 year old with me.  Need I say more?

I took my dog for a walk when we got home, wearing the shoes for the first time and while it took a moment to get comfortable walking in them, I could not get over how much my knees did NOT hurt while walking!  This is a whole new walking experience for me.  We walked 2.1 miles (I drove the route after so I knew how much I walked) and I am not in pain!!

The Pepsi Refresh Project

Do you ever have the feeling like “if only there were something I could do to help”, but then feel like you have no way to help? This could be something big like helping the people in Haiti to something on a smaller scale like helping a local boys and girls club build a new playground.

But guess what, now you can! Thanks to The Pepsi Refresh Project, they are looking for businesses, non-profit organizations, and people who have an idea that will make a positive impact. Pepsi is encouraging people to submit their ideas and are accepting 1000 ideas each month. Starting on February 1st (today!) you can start voting on the various ideas (up to 10 a day).

So how does it work? It’s quite simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Come up with an idea.
  • Pick a category (Health, Arts & Culture, Food & Shelter, The Planet, Neighborhoods, or Education)
  • Choose a grant level (5k, 25k, 50k, 250k)
  • Fill out submission application

If you are one of the first 1000 of the month to submit an idea between the 1st and the 15th of the month, then the public begin voting. You can vote on your own idea too!

Remember, all it takes is an idea to get things moving. Head on over to The Pepsi Refresh Project today to submit your idea or begin voting.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Pepsi Refresh. Mom Central sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate


Prison is lonely and Isolating

No shit, right?

Imagine my surprise when I see a site called “Prison Voices“, a site dedicated to help incarcerated low lifes a voice and a two-way connection with the outside world. WHAT? Are you freaking kidding me?

Now maybe I feel a little bit more strongly about this because I sent a sick bastard to prison who had a record longer than my arm, who had already been in prison for doing nasty crap to a person under the age of 13, who then decided to inappropriately touch the WRONG person in Target one night, but come on. If you do the crime, you must pay the time. There should be NO frills AT ALL when someone does something that sends them to prison. I don’t care what they do. We have laws in this country for a reason. Break it and you lose your freedom.

As far as I’m concerned, the asshole I sent to prison deserves nothing but 4 walls and not a single glimpse of the outside world. When I was asked by the DA if I thought he should have to work off his time, like cleaning up the highway and whatnot, my answer was simple. Heck no. He didn’t deserve to step outside the barbed wire gated community that he was sentenced to spend the next 19 years in.

Here is one of the profiles:

26 year old Hispanic female with long black hair seeking a gentleman to sweep her off her feet. Allow me to bring sparks into your life. I am a very gentle woman who knows how to love. I’m in search of a friend, companion, or my life long mate. I am very open-minded and need a mate who understands the needs of a woman. In my quiet time, I enjoy listening to a variety of music, reading novels, and exercising. I have a vivid imagination and would enjoy sharing it with that special someone. I also enjoy sharing laughter and love with my mate. Are you that special someone? Race and age not a factor. Write soon. You will not be disappointed.

Gentle woman??? WTH? She is in prison for Capital murder.


Dipstick to a Man’s Health

Anyone watch Dr. Oz?? I’ve been DVRing it lately and OMG am I ever glad I DVRed yesterdays. It was ALL about the male erection. I am so much more informed now than I ever THOUGHT I would be. I don’t know who Dr. Oz has writing his scripts, but this line had me literally rolling on the floor. He said that a male’s penis is the dipstick to his health! That has got to be the best line I have ever heard! In fact I called my husband who is out of town this week and told him that it was too bad he wasn’t home because I am armed with a lot of knowledge and we could have checked HIS dipstick 🙂

Another interesting tidbit for all those smoking males out there…I bet you didn’t know that your smoking causes your penis to be smaller. Yet ANOTHER reason to quit smoking.

So ladies, for more information on what your husbands dipstick is telling you, head to the Dr. Oz website here…oh and get a roll of stamps up to the bedroom…